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I had the honor and privilege to travel to Spain last week with the Pronovias Team for their Spring 2017 Bridal Show in Barcelona. It was one of the most beautiful fashion shows I have ever seen with no detail left untouched. The venue, the music, and of course the dresses were all flawlessly curated. It was fun to be a guest at this show as I now have my eyes on wedding dresses for Paige. 3 Port Weddings within 1 year of each other!!! Two down, one to go!

Pronovias_Elvira_B_071 Pronovias_Emery_B_045 Pronovias_Nacar_B_043 Pronovias_Nacer_B_007 Pronovias_Nacer_C_008 Pronovias_Nadia_B_013 Pronovias_Nadira_B_073 Pronovias_Nagore_B_009 Pronovias_Naiara_B_077 Pronovias_Naiara_C_078 Pronovias_Naima_B_069 Pronovias_Naima_C_070 Pronovias_Nancy_B_085 Pronovias_Nancy_C_086 Pronovias_Naomi_B_031 Pronovias_Narciso_B_005 Pronovias_Nasira_B_065 Pronovias_Natalia_B_003 Pronovias_Natura_B_059 Pronovias_Navas_B_037 Pronovias_Natura_C_060 Pronovias_Nacar_B_043 Pronovias_Nepal_B_053 Pronovias_Nepal_C_054 Pronovias_Nerea_B_011 Pronovias_Nerea_C_012 Pronovias_Nerva_B_033 Pronovias_Nerva_C_034 Pronovias_Niara_B_091 Pronovias_Niara_C_092

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