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I worked with Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card from Chase to give away a $500 Marriott gift card toward a girls getaway for you and three friends! If you won this trip or have a girls weekend scheduled, you may need some tips for how to pack most efficiently and effectively because packing for a girls trip can be hard!

You want to pack your cutest stuff but don’t want to be the ONE with the huge suitcase lugging it around everywhere. I used to always be that girl while my friends travelled carefree, rolling their slim carry-ons. I’ve gotten quite good at packing over the years and thought you could benefit from a few tips!

Also, before I get started, I want to thank Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card from Chase for funding this post and allowing me to offer all of you the chance to win money towards your next getaway. You can find photos from my last getaway with my girls and Official Rules on my last blog post here. Also, don’t forget!! Cardmembers can refer a friend to sign up for the card, with the opportunity to earn up to 10,000 bonus points for the referral and bonus points for the cardmember!

1. Only pack what you need! I like to pack in outfits, styling myself from head to toe for each look so I don’t pack anything extra. This includes choosing specific shoes, jewels, bags and even lipstick shades for each look! So if I am going for two nights and two days I pack two complete day looks and two complete night looks. One of these days looks can be your travel look too. 

2. Pack 2 pairs of comfy shoes and one pair of heels if you can for your nights out! If you need two different pairs for your nights out, don’t worry! Shoes are one of those things I tend to overpack but they don’t take up too much space, so you’re fine! 

3. Edit your makeup/cosmetic bag! You’d be surprised how much weight and space all these little items take up. Also, try to find the time to purchase travel size versions of your products.

4. Pack snacks! You don’t want to be the hangry one! 

5. Bring one casual jacket that will go with all your looks. A black moto. jacket usually works best for me! Wear this while you travel so you don’t have to pack it. 

6. Don’t forget cute pj’s! You’ll likely be spending so much time in these! I remember when I was younger my mom used to buy me new pj’s all the time so I felt comfortable and cute at my sleepovers!

7. Talk to your girls to see what they are bringing! There’s so need to bring a curling or flat iron if your bff is bringing one! 

8. Don’t forget the pain relievers. I always have Tylenol on me. There’s not a day that goes by in a group of girls where someone doesn’t need some! 

So there’s just a few of my tips! I’d love to hear more from you guys! I am always on the search to become a better packer! 

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