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Happy Thursday!
As some of you may know, Timmy and I have chosen not to find out the gender of this little nugget. I desperately want to find out ( I almost asked the doctor last week on my only visit without Tim so far) but am waiting til birth to find out! Timmy led the charge in not wanting to find out so I happily went along with the game plan! At first I really thought it was a boy and then I really thought it was a girl and now I really have NO IDEA! People inundate you with all these theories on what you’re having and why but I don’t believe any of them! Watch this weeks Chapter of I Love My Baby, But I Hate My Pregnancy to see how we are dealing with the suspense!!!
I’d love to know how any of you found out the gender and if any of those myths or old wives tales people told you about how you were carrying, what you were craving, etc. were true!


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