Chapter 17: I Love My Baby But, I Might Be Going into Labor…

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So the night we moved into our new home, I started to get craaaaaazy cramps that I thought were my first signs of labor. It was a very intense pain in my lower abdomen that came and went- almost like a horrible period was about to curse me. Since I hadn’t experienced contractions before, I totally thought it was happening! I was praying it wasn’t the real thing as the moving truck had literally just pulled out of our driveway and absolutely NOTHING was put away yet.

I tried to relax, forced myself to go to sleep and by the morning they were gone! I was so relieved. I then worked vigorously with my family for 9 days to get the house ready until Sonny so politely waited his turn and came into this world on his due date. He’s so thoughtful already. ;). Now that I know the pain of real contractions, I likely won’t ever mistake them again! Have any of you had false alarms and what were they like? Write to me in the comments below and let me know!

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