I can’t believe we have already gotten to Chapter 23!!! So, in honor of Michael Jordan, I thought I’d post a chapter on all the amazing, wonderful, happy and awesome things about having Sonny!

(Jk, jk. I mean, jk about Michael Jordan, not the content of the episode. Sorry, I’m a dork. Everybody knows it.)  Anyway, I was getting sick of hearing myself complain about every thing and wanted to highlight all the reasons why we suffer through this crap!! We love these little people so much, we would do anything for them! Here’s a chapter dedicated to all the things, both big and small, I love about being a mom to my Sonny. Enjoy! Here’s our love note to you.

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  1. I absolutely love watching your videos. My son will be 4 weeks on Sunday and he has for the last couple weeks starting crying a lot and I know he has a touch of colic so when I watched your video about Sonny crying more than usual I completely understood what y’all went through. His daddy said it’s almost hard to enjoy him bc all he does is scream. Makes us so sad but I know he will get better. Your are so inspiring and such a wonderful mother!

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