Alanna McGinn Wants To Help Us Sleep

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This week on WITH WHIT, I spoke with with Alanna McGinn, sleep expert and founder of Good Night Sleep Site. Alanna is my go to for all questions about sleep, whether it be for Timmy and I or for Sonny.

She has been a true life savor! While on my podcast, Alanna shared all kinds of amazing tips and tricks for adult and child sleep. TRUST ME, this is one you definitely want to listen to! She will help you get that healthy sleep you’ve been wishing for!! Below are a few shoppable links to items that Alanna has recommended we use in the bedroom to help us sleep! These can be helpful for all ages.

For more amazing information about sleep click the link below to listen to her episode on WITH WHIT!

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Meditation/Sleep Apps



Sleep Masks

Slip Silk Sleepmask

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Black Out Panels

Can be found at places like Amazon, Home Depot and furniture stores.


iHome Zenergy Sleep Therapy Machine

Marpac Dohm Natural White Noise Machine

Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine


PQ Small Earplugs for Sleep


Magnesium Glycinate


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