Drink your Way to Clear Skin

Hydration is key to maintain your health, and while water and even lemon water can do wonders when you ensure you get your 64-or-more ounces per day, but ask anyone who’s had a bad bout of acne, and they’ll confirm: water everyday will not keep the acne at bay completely.

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I love working with Whitney as she has the most lovely skin. I actually use one of her skin care tips which is to hold a freezing cold wash cloth over your face for more radiance. It works…

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Secret Skincare Hacks You Need in Your Life

We all want perfect skin. It’s why we wear makeup! But unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to attain the perfection we’re after. We’re told that if we wash and moisturize, then we’re all set, but that doesn’t always work. Luckily, there are skincare a few genius skincare hacks here to save us and to refresh our gorgeous faces!

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5 Super Foods for Healthier Hair

Maintaining healthy hair takes a lot more effort than merely using a good conditioning product and having it regularly trimmed. In fact, healthy hair calls for a healthy diet in addition to externa…

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