10 Beauty Habits You Need In Your Life

No matter how old we are, we can always pick up some better beauty habits. Taking the time to add in little tasks to your day-to-day can reap you a great deal of benefits in the long run. These are 10 beauty habits you should be implementing in your routines.

1. Take your makeup off every night. This is one of the most important beauty habits to have. No matter how tired you are, do not skip your nightly skincare routine. Don’t let makeup and sweat clog your pores, potentially causing blemishes. Find out what products work best for you, here’s a look into my favorites!

2. Exfoliate. Removing dead skin cells is important because it allows moisturizer to actually absorb. If you keep forgetting to add this into your routine, leave a loofah or a scrub in your shower as a reminder.

3. Mist your face. Misting your face in the morning is a great way to wake up. It’s also a beauty treatment that will leave your face fresh and glowing. You can use a specialized misting product, which is a part of my own morning routine, but mineral water will also do the trick.

4. Put on sunscreen before your makeup. We all know prolonged sun exposure can cause premature aging and skin cancer, so make it a point to protect your skin with SPF. Even if the sun’s not out, apply it before your foundations or powders. Here are some of my favorite sun protection potions.

5. Pin your hair back while you sleep. Hair contains oils and dirt that can get on your pillowcase and face, causing breakouts. Put your hair up before you hit the hay.

6. Rotate your shampoos. In the same way you’ll change your skin products based on the climate, you should change your hair products according to its needs. It’s important not to let your hair get used to certain shampoos.

7. Clean your brushes. This isn’t so much a daily habit, but it’s definitely one you should always remember. Dirty brushes can grow bacteria that we would be constantly putting on our faces, not hygienic or healthy at all! Cleaning your brushes is a simple process and doing it once a week is perfect. If you have acne-prone sensitive skin, consider washing them daily.

8. Throw away old makeup. Of course, this is not a daily habit, but something to keep your eyes on. It’s extremely important because of the bacteria makeup can build up over time, which can lead to infections. The expiration date for each product varies; mascara should be tossed after 3 months whereas foundations and moisturizers can stay around for about a year. Use your own judgement, too. If it starts to smell different or the color or texture has changed, you need a fresh product!

9. Condition your nails. Many nail experts say cuticle oil should be as much of a staple as mascara or lip balm as it’s essential to both cuticle and nail health.

10. Turn on the humidifier. This is particularly important in the winter because of the higher risk of dry, itchy and cracked skin. Combat this, as well as symptoms of common skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, with a humidifier turned on through the night.

Of course, this is just a small list of habits that can really boost your skin and hair beauty. Hopefully you guys have already started getting into the swing of these tips, but if not, it’s never too late!

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