Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning is the last thing you want to do. Just 10 more minutes, you say to yourself. Maybe you had a rocky night sleep or are dreading the day ahead, maybe you’re just not feeling motivated. Here are 3 simple ways to start your morning right and set yourself up for an awesome day ahead:

  1. Immediately think about what you’re grateful for, and say thank you. Thank you for my comfy bed. Thank you for the glass of water next to me. Thank you for the brand new day to come. Recognizing all that we have is incredibly grounding and helps set a powerful tone for the day.
  2. Do a set of cat and cow. Get on all fours — no need to get out of bed. Stack your shoulders above your wrists and your hips above your knees. Take a deep breath in and arch your spine, lifting your chest to the sky. Breathe out and round your back, pushing down with your palms. Repeat 5 times. This simple yoga move warms up the spine, helping to strengthen your back for whatever comes next.
  3. Enjoy your favorite morning beverage. It could be coffee, tea, warm water, or green juice. Whatever it is, sit down, and drink it slowly. We tend to rush through this part of the morning but it’s the perfect time to take a few deep breaths and enjoy your am treat.

Your Tuesday Truce, by Blaire Molitor

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