15 Things to do Before You’re 30

Your twenties can seem like a time where there’s a lot of pressure on you. Whether it’s graduating college or kick starting your career, it can seem like there’s an endless to do list and you’re not nearly quite accomplished enough. One way to remedy this is to make a list of what you want to do and give yourself a deadline. Forget what others think you “should’ve” done by now — if you live by that, you’ll be full of regret by the time you’re 30. Instead, create a personal list of what you want to have done by the time you’re 30. In order to get started, here’s a list of some popular (and practical) goals!

1. Travel outside the country. This is one of those things that will definitely help open your mind, not only to the many different cultures you’ll be exposed to, but to a different lifestyle as well. Traveling internationally will also force you outside your comfort zone — especially if you travel to a country where you don’t know the language!

2. Learn to swim. If you don’t already know how to swim, learning how to swim is a great goal to reach before you hit 30. Not only that but it is sure to come in handy throughout your life. Even if you don’t often catch yourself in water, knowing how to swim can be a great help if someone else you’re with doesn’t.

3. Run a 5K. Not everyone is the greatest runner, but with a little practice and stamina, almost anyone can complete a 5K. If you’re not used to running, the planning and practice it takes in order to complete that 5K might end up teaching you a couple lessons you’re sure to use throughout the rest of your life. For those of us who can’t complete a 5K on our feet, consider doing something similar on your own terms, something you know you’re physically capable of even if it takes years of preparation.

4. Do something that scares you. While this may be a wide range of things depending on your personality, doing something you consider scary is sure to make you step outside your comfort zone. This might include something physically frightening such as bungee jumping or cliff diving, or it can even be overcoming a fear such as letting a snake or a spider crawl on you.

Road Trip by Richard P J Lambert

5. Take a road trip. There’s a reason road trips are popular for bucket lists. Traveling by plane or boat is exciting on its own because of the destination, but traveling in a car allows you to get to know the land you’re on a lot better than if you just flew over it! Bonus points if you can get friends or family involved!

6. Get involved with a cause. This one’s a great one to personalize as you can find a cause that you personally feel passionate about and get involved! You don’t have to spend anything to do this, either — you can get involved by donating your time, such as spending time rebuilding areas damaged by natural disaster or by teaching underprivileged kids.

7. Learn an instrument. Learning an instrument is unique in the way it builds pathways in your brain, encouraging the flexibility of your brain and your power to learn! If you’re already familiar with one instrument (or a lot), there’s always a wide variety of different instruments to choose from!

8. Buy tickets for a random flight. Taking a random vacation might not be entirely random (you might have to take off time from work or your regularly scheduled activities) but your destination doesn’t have to be pre-determined! It also doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a lot – some flights start as low as $50, depending on where you want to go and where you’re coming from. A word of caution? Make sure you’re prepared if you’re traveling internationally. While Americans can enter some without a visa, some other countries will require you to apply for a visa prior to allowing you to enter or sometimes even purchase a flight!

9. Learn another language. Like learning an instrument, learning a new language will help build new pathways in your brain. The more languages you know, the easier it will be for you to adapt to another new language. If you can’t quite wrap your mind around a foreign spoken language, you can even try sign language for starters! There are free resources like YouTube videos, apps, and books to jumpstart your new skill.

10. Make a time capsule. This is something you’re sure to appreciate after you’re 30. Even if you wait until you’re 28 to make a capsule, if you open it when you’re 30, you might be surprised by what you had to say only two years ago! This works especially well if you make your time capsule out to be opened at a specific time. You can even make several time capsules to open for different birthdays!

11. Complete a scrapbook. Here’s another one that will be great to look back on in the future. Scrapbooks may seem outdated nowadays, but there’s nothing quite like enjoying memories physically rather than scrolling through them and looking at them through a digitized screen.

12. Ride a new form of transportation. For the vast majority of us, cars are our main mode of transportation, especially if you live in an area with a low population. If you’ve never tried riding a train, the first time is sure to be a fun, new experience. If trains are a part of your every-day commute, consider sailing in a boat or riding a helicopter!

13. Go skinny dipping. Another popular bucket list goal, skinny dipping is a fun, youthful activity that if you skip out on, you may regret by the time you’re 30! While it might be more fun with friends, skinny dipping alone can also be quite the experience. Just make sure you find a place where it’s legal first as no one wants to be handcuffed in the nude.

14. Live on your own. Typically when kids leave the nest for the first time, they might be off to dorm with other college students or they might find a roommate to share an apartment, however, everyone should try living alone at least once! Living alone will give you the opportunity to decorate however you want, and not only that, but it’ll also give you the freedom to do a lot of the things you might not do if someone else is around!

15. Set personal goals. A lot of what’s already on your list are great goals to have for anyone, but if you don’t have your own personalized goals, directed towards what you want for your life and the direction you want your life to take, you might have a couple regrets by the time you’re 30, so make sure to take the time and set a few personal goals for yourself — just so you can feel accomplished as early as age 30!

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