Best Way To Give Your Dahlias Some Love

If you’ve been frequenting the summer Farmer’s Markets, you’ve seen the beautiful Dahlias in full bloom. These amazing flowers come in deep hues and bold textures. They look just as good on your kitchen table as they do on your desk at work. Keep these stunning blooms looking fresh with these three easy-to-do tips:

Dahlia Care 2

  1. Remove the Dahlias from the wrapping. These flowers have long stems that are generally on the thicker side, and like to drink a lot of water. Carefully trim the stems at a slight angle and about one inch from the bottom, using a sharp knife or shears.
  2. Select your vase, making sure to keep in mind how many stems you have and select a vase with an appropriate width. For these blooms, it’s ideal to fill the vase with warm water. Add flower food to the water (don’t forget to ask for a packet or two when you get your flowers!). Remove any leaves that fall below the water line in your vase, and arrange the Dahlias in the vase.
  3. Change the water in your vase daily. When you remove the flowers to change the water, take the stems and hold them under running water while you trim a bit more off the ends. If you can do this daily, you will help prolong the vase life of your Dahlias!

Enjoy these blooms!

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  1. Hey, Whitney. I used to work a lot in gardening but never was good at the “Floral Art”, however, I know how to keep beautiful the flowers, trees and any other things which nature gave us. Your tips for keeping the Dahlias beautifuf are awesome. The photos are amazing and I realy enhoyed reading this post 🙂
    Have na awesome day, Whitney!


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