It’s all about the little things, and buying fresh flowers is one of those amazing little things that keep you smiling every time you see them. Whether you’re buying those pretty blooms for yourself (which you totally deserve to do, btw!), or reminding someone just how special they are, you want to know that you’re buying fresh flowers that will last. These 3 expert tips will help you navigate the art of buying flowers that are the most fresh, no matter where you’re getting them from.

  1. Where were the flowers grown?  Those pretty blooms had to make their way to you, which could have taken a while, especially if they were grown outside the U.S. Ask where the flowers were grown, and opt to purchase flowers grown as locally as possible. You’ll end up with flowers that were more recently picked, and you’ll support local farms. If you’re sending flowers, opt for companies that source locally grown flowers, such as Bloom2Bloom.IMG_8668
  2. Have the flowers bloomed?  No two flowers are exactly the same, and they all vary in what they look like when they are picked on the farm and in how long they will last. When purchasing bouquets and bunches, look for those with flowers that are still closed. It’s easy to let the beautiful look of a fully bloomed flower catch your eye, but those flowers have likely been on the shelf for a while.
  3. Check the stems and the leaves.  You can tell a lot by quickly looking at the stems. Flowers absorb water and nutrients through the stem. Avoid bouquets or bunches that have a slimy material around  the stem, or a stem that looks brittle. Also, check to make sure the leaves haven’t turned brown, even on the edges. Even if the flowers still look fresh, these blooms may not be healthy and may start to wilt soon.

Check out these great expert tips on how to make your fresh flowers last!


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  1. I love having fresh flowers in my home! They just add the perfect pop of color and they smell amazing! These tips are great to make sure you are getting the freshest flowers possible. I didn’t realize that slimy material on the stem could indicate the lack of freshness. Thanks for sharing!

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