A ‘Me Time’ Routine for Healthier Looking Skin

My morning and nightly routine, after getting out of the shower, has always been so important to me. No matter how long or short I have to get ready, putting on all of my lotions and potions is a must. If I skip a step, I just don’t feel right! I have been like this ever since I was a little girl. Taking care of my skin, so it looks and feels healthy, is part of my “me time” routine.  To make the most of “me time,” I choose products that are nutrient rich and smell delicious!

The Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Collection and regimen with Active Naturals Oat gives my skin a healthy boost with the vitamins and proteins found in rich yogurt while giving your skin the moisture it needs and making you smell amazing. Plus, it comes in an amazing Vanilla & Oat scent and Apricot & Honey AND you can find both varieties at your local Target! I need this hydration throughout the day to replenish my skin whether I am dehydrated from a run, tired from a photo shoot or just drained from a long work day.

When I get home at the end of the a long day, shower and am able to make that “me time” with the Aveeno products, I am not only giving a gift to my skin but finding that much needed mental clarity as well. Thanks to my friends at Aveeno for sponsoring this post, check here for more information on winning a set of your own!

Whitney Port Aveeno
Whitney Port SheSpeaks Aveeno Whitney Port SheSpeaks Aveeno
Whitney Port SheSpeaks Aveeno
Whitney Port Aveeno

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