Whitney Port shows offed crimped hair by Mari Bowring at Fossil Amber Interiors Dinner at Lombardi House

Last week one of my favorite LA hairstylists, Mari Bowring, came over to help get me ready for the Amber Interiors x Fossil Dinner. You know me, I always like changing up my look and trying something different. Mari re-imagined the perfectly crimped hair from the 90s!

 Below is a step by step list of how to recreate this look at home.

  1. Blow dry your hair 100% or start with dry, clean hair. Be sure to use with a heat protectant to help keep your hair nice and healthy.
  2. Section your hair to be braided. If you have finer hair or want a larger “crimp” look, pull your hair into one braid. If you have thicker hair or desire a smaller “crimp” look, section your hair into multiple braids.
  3. Make sure each braid is fairly tight, you want to make sure you can create a nice “crimp” look.
  4. Secure each braid with a hair tie, preferably one covered in fabric so the elastic does not melt or break.
  5. Use your flat iron to heat each braid throughly from top to bottom and each side.
  6. Allow each braid to cool completely. You can use the cool option on most blow dryers or you can let them stay braided for 10 minutes. Allowing the braids to cool after being heated, will set the “crimp” look.
  7. Remove the hair ties from each braid.
  8. Shake out the braids and add a dry texture spray. You may use a light, aerosol hairspray to add hold for the day.
  9. Enjoy your fun, runway look!

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