Chapter 36: I Love My Baby, But… I’m Really Hungover

OMG! I just experienced my first brutal hangover since having Sonny and it was BAD! Bad enough that Timmy decided to get out the camera and film an episode of I LOVE MY BABY, BUT…so you could all see what an irresponsible (almost) 33-year old mother of 1 I am.

But seriously, who knew Bar Mitzvahs were so fun? Also, shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone about the story I tell. It’s embarrassing. JK JK. Tell me about your first hangovers with kids and how you deal! It’s AWFUL!

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  1. i am a pretty big fan, getting ready to start a family of my own…i am terrified, i would love advice! ps i am the same age as you and always looked at you as like a role model of how to be an adult. thanks xx

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