My Best (and Worst) Coachella Outfits

We are just a day away from weekend 1 of Coachella and I can’t wait to be back in the desert!

Growing up in LA, I’ve been going to the music festival ever since I was 18. Even though I’m  beginning to feel a little too old for it, I still have so much fun and get excited to see some of my favorite artists perform. 

Of course, I also love festival fashion and getting to style looks for the three day event. I’ve always tried to be the girl that doesn’t try too hard, and aim to wear something that’s both stylish but also comfortable enough to dance in. 

I can’t wait to show you all what I’ll be wearing this weekend! Before we get to that, I thought it’d be fun to take a little walk down memory lane and look at some of my outfits over the past few years. Disclosure: some of these are not my best looks… so try not to laugh too hard!

Outfit #1: Starting it off with a major throwback, this look is from five years ago. It definitely fits the comfortable side of my criteria, but there’s a lot about this I wouldn’t wear now. While the flowy shorts add a fun pattern and pop of color, the baggy tank top paired with it makes the outfit not too flattering.

Whitney Port Coachella 2011 in Floral Shorts

Look #2: Alright, this one’s from not too long ago and I’m still a fan of it! You can’t go wrong with a a peasant top paired with some classic jean shorts.

Whitney Port Coachella 2016 in Peasant Top

Look #3 (Coachella 2013): Even though these tight dresses were all the rage a few years ago, I definitely don’t recommend wearing one to a festival anymore! Dancing in a large crowd + being in over 100 degree weather with this on = a bad combination.

Whitney Port Coachella 2013 in Blue Dress

Look #4: This look is more of a timeless, boho-chic Coachella outfit. Tip: to elevate the classic style and stand out, add a fun statement accessory (like my bright yellow satchel)!

Whitney Port Coachella 2016 Floral Dress with Yellow Bag

Look #5: Not the worst in the bunch, but the outfit I wore in this photo is a little dated for my taste now. Festivals are the time to take some risks with fashion, and this plays it safe.

Whitney Port Coachella 2014 in Plaid Shorts

Look #6: Okay, this style is totally still fun! A cute little white ensemble matched with some colored accessories is subtle and chic. Plus, the top buns hairstyle is so playful and honestly great for keeping cool as you dance in the heat.

Whitney Port Coachella 2015 White Dress

Look #7: This photo is from about two years ago now, but I still love this look! The dress has a minimal, yet edgy pattern and the shoes were so comfy! If you also couldn’t tell by now, I’m a big fan of accessories and the neutral tones of  the clothes allowed me to play around with them.

Whitney Port Coachella 2016 in Black and White Dress (3)

Look #8: Confession: I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking when I wore this, so don’t judge too much! The croc crop top paired with  patterned shorts is definitely a little too much for my style now.

Whitney Port Coachella 2014 in Black Croc top (2)

Look #9: Here’s another effortless outfit that’s perfect for all desert festivities. The embroidery on the dress speaks for its own, so I decided to un-complicate things and wear it alone.

Whitney Port Coachella 2016 in Floral Dress

Look 10: I like playing with neutral tones from time to time, and I think this outfit showed a good balance of it. If you’re not into bold colors, play around with pieces that are different shades of a hue and you’re bound to come up with something good!

Whitney Port Coachella 2016 in Tan Shorts

If you want to know what I’ll be wearing this year, be sure to keep up with the blog and follow my Instagram!

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