What I’ve Learned Through A Genetic Test

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For a while now, I’ve been curious about my ancestry and DNA. As Timmy and I continue to raise Sonny and possibly grow our family even more one day, I felt like it was important to gain a greater understanding of who I am and where I come from. So, when 23andMe reached out to me to try their Personal Genetic Service, I knew I had to test it out!

In case you don’t know much about it, 23andMe originates from the fact that human DNA is organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes. It was created to help you understand your DNA, and learn which regions from around the world your ancestors come from. On top of that, you’re also able to gain an understanding of how your DNA can influence things like your hair color, sleep patterns, facial features, and much more. As someone of Jewish descent, I figured it couldn’t be a better time to discover all of this information with Rosh Hashanah (aka Jewish New Year) coming up!

Every year, my family comes together to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and have some fun. Aside from enjoying the yummy Challah bread ( my fave :)) and apples dipped in honey, I use it as a time to reflect on my past, think about how I can improve in the future, and make personal resolutions. Although I haven’t made any specific goals for myself yet, I’m planning to take my 23andMe findings into consideration as I form them to improve my lifestyle.

When the kit finally came in the mail, I was so excited! Everything was very straight forward, and all I had to do was register my kit online, provide a saliva sample then mail it back out using its pre-paid postage. So easy!! I soon received an email saying my reports were ready for me to view in my personalized 23andMe account. I was beyond excited to receive them and analyze.

Aside from the detailed Ancestry assessments (found out I’m 99.6% Ashkenazi Jewish btw!), I was also provided with wellness and trait reports. Below are a couple things I found the most interesting.

Although I don’t diet or restrict myself (moderation is the key), I discovered through my wellness report that I’m likely to weigh more on a food plan high in saturated fat. For the past year, I’ve focused on incorporating more fish/veggies into my meals and plan to continue limiting my saturated fat intake to maintain a healthy weight. I also learned  that I had a genetic variant that showed I’m likely to move more than average during sleep… Sorry Timmy! 😉

Moving on, the trait reports were some  of my favorites. It covered so many things, from whether you’re more likely to have a fear of heights to your earlobe type. Fun/unfortunate fact:  I’m likely to be bitten by mosquitoes more often than others.

If you have any curiosity of your ancestry genetics like I did, I highly recommend trying 23andMe out! It’s made me more aware of my family lineage, health, and wellness.  Most importantly, I was able to gain additional insights of who I am and where I came from.

To order your own 23andMe kit and learn more about your genetics, go to!

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  1. I believe it will also tell you if you are positive or negative for the MTHFR mutation gene. Did it give you this kind of information? I’ve been interested in doing this test. I did ancestry but it doesn’t give you all this kind of info. It just give you your heritage/background. Thank you for sharing.

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