5 Ways to Improve Your Focus at Work

Did you guys know that an average attention span is only about 8 seconds? That’s less than a goldfish’s! In this day and age of multiple screens and instant gratification, this may be no surprise; it can be difficult to concentrate at school or work on the tasks at hand.

Even for those of you who can typically fight through most distractions, there will be some days where your mind just won’t want to cooperate.

That’s why I wanted to round up some easy but effective ways to keep your focus while you’re working!

1. Take a Stroll: Simply walking around the office or going for a quick breath of fresh air can do wonders. This will not only recharge your brain, but also your physical and emotional capacities to keep you on track. Even having a yoga stretch will get your blood flowing. You can use the promise of a break as incentive to finish a task. Just be careful not to move into procrastination mode!

2. Meditation: This is something else that you can use your break time for, and it can even be done right at your desk. It’s so important to keep relaxed so you can clearly tackle your job. Use deep breathing, meditation, or imagery techniques whenever you feel the need to recalibrate.

3. Try the Pomodoro Technique: The Pomodoro technique is a great way to manage your work and your break time and keep your mind agile. Just grab a timer and set it for 25 minutes and really focus intently on your work. When the timer goes off, take a three- to five- minute break. Repeat this cycle three more times (so for about 2 hours) and then take a longer 15 to 25 minute break.

4. Set A Timer: This is another effective way to use your time. Set it to go off at certain intervals to help keep a wandering mind where it’s supposed to be. Use it as a reminder to get back to what you’re supposed to be doing, or even a cue to let you reassess your progress.

5. Listen To Music: Music can help you stay in your workflow. Use a pair of noise-cancelling headphones if your workspace can get a little noisy. If you’re the type of person who can’t work with music on, you can also consider using your break time to listen to a jam or two. Taking a little break to listen to music can actually help your body produce chemicals to boost your mood.

Sooner or later in the day, you will lose focus. Just try out these tips the next time you’re finding it difficult to complete your tasks. Let me know what works best to keep your concentration!

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