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This post is a part of our baby essentials series by Monica Banks, founder of Gugu Guru – the ultimate baby registry discovery site for style-savvy moms.

During both my pregnancies, I made it a point to exercise almost every day even if it was just a brisk walk. The benefits of staying active during pregnancy seem endless – from helping with delivery and recovery to easing the common ailments of pregnancy. For example, stretching and yoga can help with aches, pains and sciatica due to pregnancy. Movement can also improve circulation, which may help to reduce swelling. Not to mention, there are health benefits for your baby in utero too! Of course, before doing any exercise or fitness activity during pregnancy, consult with your OB-GYN.  For this post on fit pregnancy essentials, we sent Whitney our favorite pregnancy fitness must-haves, she also did her own research and here are the brands that rose to the top of her list.

Clothing & Accessories

Pregnancy Fitness Brands

BaoBei Maternity Sports Band

The BaoBei Maternity Sports Band feels “like a Sports Bra for your belly.” The band supports the abdominals, takes pressure off the lower back, and eases common discomforts of pregnancy.  You will love how this fabric feels and you will be able to stay active throughout your entire pregnancy more comfortably.

Pregnancy Fitness Brands


Describing itself as an eco-conscious activewear line, Teeki takes water bottles and turns them into clothes, giving them purpose again through an eco-friendly process.  Teeki is actually not a maternity line but its stylish tops and bottoms are so stretchy that they fit most pregnancy bellies.

Pregnancy Fitness Brands

Ingrid & Isabel

Founded by an innovative mom, Ingrid & Isabel offers essential maternity clothes and nursing styles for pregnancy and after. Whitney loved the design and silhouettes of the capris and leggings for her fit mama-to-be style but this brand offers so much more than just activewear.

Pregnancy Fitness Brands


Tootsies compression socks are the brainchild of a 5-time Olympian and Stanford graduate who competed in the sport of track and field.  The socks alleviate the discomfort of swollen legs and feet that many women experience during and after pregnancy. We think Tootsies are a must have for working out, travel or just generally being out-and-about when pregnant.

Pregnancy Fitness Brands

basq Cooling Body Bliss

A soothing, cooling wonder! This light textured gel helps reduce swelling in feet and legs, soothe pregnancy aches and cool overheated skin. Basq will feel so good post-workout on your prego bod.  The line also uses pregnancy-safe formulations so you don’t have to worry about slathering it on.

Gadgets & Gear


Elvie is the pelvic floor exercise tracker that’s transforming the way women do their kegels to develop muscle tone and maintain strength.  Pregnancy can weaken pelvic floor muscles, which can cause women bladder, sex or prolapse problems.  The Elvie is like a pedometer for your kegels and while that may sound funny, Elvie is truly a breakthrough product for mothers-to-be.

Pregnancy Fitness Brands

Baby Bump

Baby Bump™ has a leg up on the traditional yoga and fitness balls – 6 legs to be precise. The unique peg-legged design keeps the ball stable and stationary and will be a helpful tool/toy for every stage of your infant’s growth from pregnancy to parenthood. Baby Bump™ helps to enhance a pregnant mother’s posture, fitness and comfort.

Pregnancy Fitness Brands

Dharma Yoga Wheel

The World’s First Yoga/Fitness Wheel designed to help stretch and release tension and muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors. Don’t be intimidated if you’re a couch potato, this wheel is a wonderful way to stretch and strengthen regardless of your typical activity level.


Pregnancy Fitness Brands


Research shows that looking after mental well being during pregnancy and early motherhood can have a positive effect on both mom and baby.  Expectful is a digital platform that makes it easy for pregnant and new moms to meditate.

Pregnancy Fitness Brands

Namaste NY

When you’re too tired to leave the house or too busy to leave the office, Namaste NY will come to you. Namaste NY ( is a premium concierge wellness services delivered to your home or office, including prenatal yoga.

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