Any women out there feeling overwhelmed by the inherent stressors of the day? You don’t have to answer that:). I know many of you are, as am I! We are inundated with so much pressure day in and day out. Full time jobs, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping relationships fresh, keeping our kids alive;)… the list could go on and on! I truly feel the only way to maintain all of this, while staying happy and sane, is to invest in ourselves a little more. 

We are so busy making decisions for others that we often neglect taking time for ourselves. One of the ways I maintain my sanity is by nourishing my body, which in turn nourishes my soul. Every morning and evening, I allow myself the time to follow a routine that does exactly this. I take a nice, long, hot shower using Aveeno®’s Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash and then douse myself in the Aveeno Body Yogurt once I get out.

The body wash, which comes in two delicious flavors- Vanilla & Oat  and Apricot & Honey, is formulated with oatmeal and enriched with nutrients found in Greek yogurt! Yum, right? We all know how rich and luxurious Greek yogurt is. The wash is so refreshing and my skin instantly feels moisturized.

I NEVER skip putting moisturizer on after the shower. It is an essential part of my routine. The Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Yogurt is my absolute fave! It features what’s called ACTIVBIND™ Complex. I know it sounds super technical but it really locks that moisture in throughout the whole day and night. Just like the body wash it has the same vitamins found in Greek yogurt to help nourish your skin! So not only are you giving your skin a gift, but you are truly taking some time for yourself!

I’m not joking when I say it has been PROVEN that taking care of yourself is the only way you can take care of someone else.. So what are you waiting for? It’s so easy. These two products can be the key to investing back into your own well-being. Best part?  You guys can pick this up at your local Target! Put down your phones and take care of yourself just a few minutes at a time. 

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