I can’t believe we are 1/3 of the way into 2016! I am so excited to share with you my Must Have Items from this past month. I was traveling a ton and was introduced to so many amazing new products by the new friends I made along the way! Here is my April Must Haves list:

Whitney Port Must Have Weleda Lotion

WELEDA LOTION (One of the most moisturizing cremes I have ever used! Use it on your hands, your feet, your face — seriously anywhere that needs some moisturizing love!)

Whitney Port Must Have Nivea Mens After Shave

NIVEA MEN’S AFTERSHAVE (I know you probably think this is crazy because it is a men’s product, but I promise you will love it too!)

Whitney Port Must Haves Wacoal Lace Convertible Bra

WACOAL CONVERTIBLE LACE BRA (My go-to bra. I was introduced to this bra by my Whitney Eve Fit model. It is the most perfect basic bra and gives you all the support you need while not being uncomfortable at all!)

Whitney Port Must Haves Calvin Klein Sports Bra

CALVIN KLEIN SPORTS BRA (Just the best. So comfortable. So cute. And a cute bra to wear if you know you are going to show your bra.)

Whitney Port Must Haves Warby Parkey Glasses

WARBY PARKER SUNGLASSES (WP sunglasses are just the best! I wore these all weekend at Coachella. They are slim enough to fit in even the smallest clutch!)

Whitney Port Must Haves La Prarie Eye Cream

LA PRARIE EYE CREAM (The splurge is worth it! This Creme hydrates, cools and de-puffs the puffiest of eyes. It lasts a while :))

Whitney Port Must Haves Sorial Tote

SORIAL BIG BAG (Such a cute tote for Spring/Summer. Whether you are going to the beach or running errands you can fit all of your necessities and then some!)

Whitney Port Must Haves Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask

LANEIGE SPECIAL CARE LIP SLEEPING MASK (TRY THIS! No one ever thinks of a mask for their lips, but this is a good one! It’s so hydrating.)

Whitney Port Must Haves Coco Luxe Coconut Oil

COCO LUXE COCONUT OIL (Honestly, you can use this for anything!!! As a moisturizer, as an ointment, as an over-the-counter infection healer.)


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