Whitney Port holding her son Sonny in her kitchen and making a Babynes bottle

My New Best Friend, the Babynes

Whitney Port holding her son Sonny in her kitchen and making a Babynes bottle
As many of you know, my breast feeding journey was very trying. From the day I started, it never felt right. From the pain of latching to mastitis, to the overwhelming burden of time spent pumping,  I tried and tried and suffered from that self-imposed guilt from quitting that so many of us new moms suffer from.

For some reason, I told myself I wanted to make it to 6 months, but 5 months came and I really couldn’t do it anymore. I was sacrificing too much of myself and it was only at the expense of me. It was at the encouragement of my husband that I finally decided to stop torturing myself and find an alternative route that would nourish Sonny just as beautifully.

Whitney Port in her kitchen at home making a bottle for her son Sonny using the Babynes machine from Gerber

When I went to the pediatrician for Sonny’s 3 month check up, I started talking to her about formula. I knew I needed a plan for when my breastfeeding journey would end. We went over the plethora of options for formula and Gerber was one of her most recommended.  Since having Sonny, I have tried to only listen to very few people, my pediatrician being at the very top of that list. So when it came time to introduce formula, Gerber is who I turned to. Mixing formula and making bottles was a whole new world for me. You know that stressful feeling when your baby is crying from hunger and a minutes worth of making a bottle feels like an hour??? Well, I did some research because I felt like there had to be an easier way, quicker and more efficient way to make a bottle and WOOP, there it was! The BABYNES Nutrition System!

Whitney Port feeds Sonny in nursery with bottle

One of my favorite things about it is that I don’t have to spend time heating up the bottles or trying to figure out how to get the bottle to the perfect temperature for my babe- it does all that thinking for me! You can set the machine to what temperature you want it and within the seconds it’s ready! The capsules also adjust what is in the formula depending on your baby’s specific needs at each stage of their first year! So Sonny just moved on from his 3-6 month capsules and is on to the 7-12 month one! I can’t believe it!!!!


Whitney Port holds Sonny in his nursery after a bottle

Here are some fun facts about the Babynes that made it a no brainer for me:
-Never too hot with no pre-heating time
-Non GMO 
-Ready in under a minute!
-It works with the bottles I had already purchased which is super convenient
-Is wi-fi enabled so I can even keep track of feedings when I’m traveling and my schedule is hectic! 

Whitney Port's son Sonny laying in his crib

The Babynes has taken the pressure off me in so many ways. Not only do I NOT feel guilty about not breastfeeding because he is getting such a nutrient rich formula, but I can depend on something to make my life easier when his crying is just too much to bare!  

Head over to to learn more! 

Babynes machine in Whitney Port's Kitchen

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