Combat Fatigue With These Easy Yoga Poses

The daily stresses of life can take a toll on you. You get up earlier than you want to, get hunched over your desk at work, stuff all your meals in your face because you’re late. You’re running from one thing to another and you’re just tired. Luckily, your body has your back (ha!). If you show it a little bit of love, it’ll love you right back. Try these easy yoga poses to fight off fatigue.

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The Flat Belly Plank Challenge

So many articles, some of which were written by me for this very site, deal with chasing the coveted six-pack, the apparent standard of beach season beauty. That’s all well and good, but let’s not forget the core (pun intended) reason for working out: to strengthen our bodies, to physically challenge ourselves.

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Last week I had the honor and privilege of attending Propel’s Co: Lab workout event in NYC. I am a workout junkie — from spinning, to yoga, to hiking and pilates, I am down for anything when it comes to a good sweat sesh! Of course, the most important thing before, during and after a workout is staying hydrated. I love having Propel water on hand because it replenishes all of the vital electrolytes that you lose when you have a sweaty workout.  

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7 Day Leg Workout

Don’t be the one that skipped leg day! Whether you’re looking to slim down or tone up, this 7 day leg workout will have you rocking those short shorts or tight jeans in no time. Monday through Sunday, add in these leg workouts to your usual and start flaunting those lean legs.

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