Our First Thanksgiving at the House!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!

This year, Thanksgiving is extra exciting for Timmy, Sonny and I, because we are hosting at our house for the first time! My mom is getting construction done on her house (the house my siblings and I grew up in!!), so we volunteered to host. We have decided to do a potluck style Thanksgiving because I CANNOT cook on my own for 12 people. 

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How to transition your little ones onto solids

Explained by a pediatric nutritionist

Introducing your little one to solid foods can be an exciting adventure, but many parents also find themselves frustrated, stressed and confused.

During the early weeks and months, the tastes and flavors your baby is exposed to will play a large role in shaping their future eating habits.

While this may sound like a daunting task, it’s a wonderful opportunity to teach your baby to enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods and to build a positive relationship towards food and mealtimes.

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My Favorite BBQ Recipes

Who else loves a good barbecue?!

A few weekends ago, Timmy and I hosted a little get together with some friends and family. With summer right around the corner, I figured it’s the perfect time to start the grill up and get everyone to hang out in the backyard. Barbeques are my favorite to host during this season because they’re laid back, relaxing, and of course… include the best food! You can never go wrong with the traditional burgers and steak, but I’ve recently tried out some yummy recipes that I’ve found from cookbooks, online, etc. to add a twist to the occasion.

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My Favorite 3-Ingredient Margarita Recipe

Whitney Port in green dress in kitchen making a margarita for cinco de mayo
This content is sponsored by Cointreau. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Cinco de Mayo is officially here and there’s no better way to celebrate the day than with a little fiesta! This year, Timmy and I are going to be hosting some friends and having a little get together! Whenever we’re having company over, my favorite part of hosting is decorating, creating the ambience and making a special cocktail! Of course, on Cinco de Mayo, no party is complete without a yummy margarita. To make the classic cocktail, I partnered with Cointreau (the crystal clear orange liqueur) and mixed up something soooooo good — The Original Margarita. 

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Starting Solids? You Need to Know This One Number

Yumi food, Babies eating solid food

There’s one number every new parent should know: 1,000.

No, it’s not the number of diapers you’ll have to change, or the number of hours of sleep you’ll lose this year because of your newborn – that number is probably higher. Instead, it’s the first 1,000 days of your baby’s life from the moment of conception to age 2.

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My New Best Friend, the Babynes

Whitney Port holding her son Sonny in her kitchen and making a Babynes bottle
As many of you know, my breast feeding journey was very trying. From the day I started, it never felt right. From the pain of latching to mastitis, to the overwhelming burden of time spent pumping,  I tried and tried and suffered from that self-imposed guilt from quitting that so many of us new moms suffer from.
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Whit’s Must Haves – February 2018

Happy Hump Day!
Every month I am going to revisit my favorite things, both old and new, that I MUST HAVE in my life. We all know there are those certain items we can’t live without that make our lives so much easier or just simply, stuff we LOVE! Let me know if you have any other MUST HAVES I am totally missing out on! Also keep an eye out for a new series where I feature all of my favorite things for Sonny!


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I know this Gift Guide is a little late but between packing the whole family for our upcoming trip to Florida and overseeing the renovations in our home, on top of everything else, time got away from me! I rounded up some of my favorite gifts — almost all of them are under $100 AND can still be delivered in time for the holidays!

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