Daylight Savings Time and Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule

Sleep expert, Alanna McGinn shares the tips and tricks to Daylight Savings Time and keeping your baby on a schedule

The good news is our evenings are now getting lighter and spring is just around the corner. The bad news is it also means that Spring Daylight Savings Time is just around the corner. On Sunday, March 11 at 2:00 a.m. we’ll all put our clocks forward one hour once again and if you are a mom who finally got your baby or toddler on a sleep schedule, the upcoming change can feel like a nightmare.

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Top Toddler Sleep Questions Answered

You’ve made it through your baby’s first year of life and hopefully you’re not too exhausted! Now that your little one is a toddler, you’re most likely noticing their own personality shining through more and more and that they seem to be growing and learning at lighting speed. This age can be really fun for parents, but it can also be a time where battles begin and boundaries are pushed.  

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Nutrition Hacks to Fight “Morning” Sickness and What to Look Out For

Picture of hot tea and citrus
Our mission at Bundle Organics is to help expecting and nursing moms have more healthy, active and comfortable pregnancies as well as to better nourish their little ones from the beginning. Our community of moms is our source of inspiration and our community of caregivers is our source of expertise. In addition to perfecting our products, our team has also been looking for ways to share the knowledge of our community of caregivers so you all can hear directly from the source!
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Last week I got together with one of my fave Bachelorette’s and sorta new mom, Ali Fedotowsky, to talk all things baby. Lately I have been yearning for support and wisdom from fellow new moms. Ali has a cutie-patootie 16 month old daughter named Molly so she knows a thing or two about raising a child. We decided to interview each other to ask all the things we were curious about from self-care to biggest fears to our favorite products.
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Ask a Nutritionist: Is coffee OK during pregnancy?

Of all the pregnancy-related questions we get from our pregnant clients, “Do I have to give up coffee?” is one of the most common. And we totally get it — coffee isn’t only an energy booster in the morning, it’s also part of a self-care ritual related to how we start the day for many of us. So, the good news is that no, you don’t need to completely give up coffee when you’re pregnant. But, you might need to make a few adjustments.

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