Whitney Port holding newborn Sonny on her shoulder
So as you guys know, I have had a very difficult time with breastfeeding but as the weeks have gone on I’ve felt more and more comfortable with pumping. When Sonny needs an extra top off or it is convenient for me to nurse, I do it, but mostly I am pumping and making bottles. I have found that pumping comes with a whole slew of parts and necessities and wanted to make a list for you of all those that have made my life easier.
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I’m not obsessed with breastfeeding. There. I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that my baby is getting all the amazing nutrients from my milk and that I am literally giving him life, but it has been quite the challenge. A challenge I didn’t feel prepared for at all. In this Chapter of I Love My Baby But… I discuss my trying journey through breastfeeding.

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Chapter 17: I Love My Baby But, I Might Be Going into Labor…

So the night we moved into our new home, I started to get craaaaaazy cramps that I thought were my first signs of labor. It was a very intense pain in my lower abdomen that came and went- almost like a horrible period was about to curse me. Since I hadn’t experienced contractions before, I totally thought it was happening! I was praying it wasn’t the real thing as the moving truck had literally just pulled out of our driveway and absolutely NOTHING was put away yet.
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Meet Our Son

Whitney Port announces birth of first child
So, I have some news.  No big deal, but I created another human being and then delivered him into the world at 12:30am Thursday morning. Timmy and I named the little man Sonny and I’m in love. Over the next few blog posts I’ll tell you all about the entire day, the following days at the hospital and bringing him home, but for now I just want to talk about how I’m feeling.
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What’s In My Hospital Bag

What is in Whitney Port's Cuyana Hospital Bag for her Pregnancy

This post is a part of our baby essentials series by Monica Banks, founder of Gugu Guru – the ultimate baby registry discovery site for style-savvy moms.

I can’t believe it but it’s almost “go time” for Whitney. In just a few short weeks, she’ll be welcoming the newest member of the Rosenman family.  With moving into her new home, Whitney has definitely been doing a lot of packing lately but she still needs to pack up one more very important thing –  the bag for her stay at the hospital.

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