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This post is part of our baby essentials series by Monica Banks, founder of Gugu Guru – the ultimate baby registry discovery site for style-savvy moms.

Here is the deal: when it comes to your baby registry – your best friend, your sister, those “Verified Purchase” 5 star reviews on Amazon – all of those people might know the products that worked for them and their babies but that doesn’t mean that those products are right for YOU.

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Chapter 11: I Love My Baby and I’m Starting To Not Mind My Pregnancy So Much Anymore, 3rd Trimester Sonogram

Hi all!
Notice the new title??? Just wanted to let you guys know, I’m finally not hating my pregnancy anymore! It took a while, but better late than never!
This week, we wanted to give you an inside look at our 32 week Ultrasound so you could get to know our little cutie a little more! It’s so crazy how we overanalyze all the little things our doctors tell us- whether it’s that they have a lot of hair or they aren’t moving so much at the moment because they are sleeping, or their nose is prominent! After watching this I realized I needed to step back, relax and be kind to myself and my growing baby! It’s so true when all people say is what matters most is a HEALTHY baby.
P.S. Look out for another video we are posting on Saturday all about all my favorite wardrobe items I am wearing over and over at the moment!

Ask a Nutritionist: Is coffee OK during pregnancy?

Of all the pregnancy-related questions we get from our pregnant clients, “Do I have to give up coffee?” is one of the most common. And we totally get it — coffee isn’t only an energy booster in the morning, it’s also part of a self-care ritual related to how we start the day for many of us. So, the good news is that no, you don’t need to completely give up coffee when you’re pregnant. But, you might need to make a few adjustments.

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Whitney Port Pregnant with Yoga Mat

This post is a part of our baby essentials series by Monica Banks, founder of Gugu Guru – the ultimate baby registry discovery site for style-savvy moms.

During both my pregnancies, I made it a point to exercise almost every day even if it was just a brisk walk. The benefits of staying active during pregnancy seem endless – from helping with delivery and recovery to easing the common ailments of pregnancy. For example, stretching and yoga can help with aches, pains and sciatica due to pregnancy. Movement can also improve circulation, which may help to reduce swelling. Not to mention, there are health benefits for your baby in utero too!

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Last week my mom and sisters planned the most perfect non-traditional Baby Shower for me and Tim. It was a beautiful night in LA with our nearest and dearest friends and family at Above Sixty at the Sixty Beverly Hills!

My sister, Ashley, went to the Flower Mart and basically bought every flower that doesn’t look like your typical flower. It was a very bohemian jungle desert kind of look — just what I love!

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So we JUST got the keys to our new home which is super exciting, but before we move ( date is still tbd because we are currently in renovation mode, scary!!!) we wanted to show our baby ( and you guys 🙂 ) where we lived before he/she was born and show why we didn’t want to bring he/she home to this place! So many stairs, no doors, soooo vertical, etc., etc., you’ll see.
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Whitney Port attends Birthing Class during first pregnancy
About two months ago, Timmy & I attended Erica Chidi Cohen’s Prepped Class-. It’s a class created for LOOM, a pregnancy and parenting hub she will be opening this summer in Mid-City. Erica is a birth + postpartum doula + lactation counselor and over the years she has supported hundreds of families transition from pregnancy to parenting with confidence.
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