I feel a little superficial for caring about the fact that my body was going to change so tremendously from pregnancy and birth. When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately panicked about not being in control of my body and it got increasingly harder to feel good in my own skin. I constantly had to remind myself that my body was creating something so wonderful, so beyond my comprehension or sensibility. Towards the 3rd trimester I started to become at peace with the weight gain and only cared about bringing a healthy baby into the world. And then it hit me…I’m about to push an 8 lb baby out of a teeny little place and produce milk out of my once awesome boobs! Yikes! Cue the panic again! In Chapter 26 of I Love My Baby, But…I Wish My Body Didn’t Have To Change, I discuss all the weird things that happened to my body, how I dealt with them, how Timmy reacted to them, and how I still can be secure and insecure about it at the same time. Yes, it’s a miracle, but it’s also INSANE! Would love to hear how you guys handled your body changes! Oh & btw- I allude to breast feeding being my friend in the video & what I meant by that is it has helped me lose weight quickly- but y’all know how that journey has been.????????

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  1. I’ll respond to your questions in the video. My line went away within 3-4 months I think. My nipples and breasts never went back :-(. Once I was done breastfeeding, I had ALOT of stretch marks on my breasts from both the pump and my son and those went away after about a year. However, my nipples really stayed quite large and my breasts were so squishy. I’ve heard it described as like “deflated balloons” and I will agree. I’ve also heard the same thing happens to women who don’t even breastfeed, so its just the pregnancy that changes them. Wish you the best in your journey back to your body you want! Took me almost 6-9 months before I could fit in all my old clothes again. But I’m with you, its worth it.

  2. I just want to say that I’ve watched all of your videos and I’ve found them to be incredibly helpful and something I look forward to! I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant, and can relate to a lot of what you’ve been through, and you’ve touched on a number of the fears and concerns I’ve had as well. Hearing you talk about them all so honestly makes me feel less alone and more comforted! I think you look great and are clearing doing a good job as a wife and mama. Thanks for sharing all of this and I look forward to what comes next 🙂

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