Chapter 3: I Love My Baby, But I Hate My Pregnancy: 1st Trimester Symptoms

For some of you, your first trimester was a breeze! You may not have even known you were pregnant until like 2 months in! Well, NOT ME! I literally found out as early as one can and immediately felt the dreaded morning sickness! My first trimester was a real pain in my a**. I felt lethargic, nauseous, starving but nothing sounded good, etc., etc., etc.,! You name it, I think I felt it! Watch this weeks video and perhaps you won’t feel so alone in your first trimester!!! But don’t go too crazy with frustration! For most of you, this will end soon. I’d promise to make you feel better, but I simply can’t.

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  1. Thank you for saying what most people don’t! I am in my second trimester with my first child and still having morning sickness. It is not fun at all and I can totally relate to feeling down while pregnant. It’s like your physical body is taking a beating every day. Crossing my fingers for you to feel better soon!

    1. I hope you are feeling better! Thank you for all of the love and support. Sending it right back to you! xo

  2. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and feel the SAME way. I can’t wait for the baby but I am over the pregnancy. The sickness, the weight gain, the changes no one tells you about (skin, boobs, thyroid changes, why do I keep blowing my nose?, etc.). I have pretty much felt physically uncomfortable the entire time I have been pregnant. I had this vision of myself continuing to be this active pregnant woman, working out 5-6 times a week, protein shake consuming, super prego-lady. That has not happened AT ALL. I couldn’t exercise at all in the first trimester because of extreme nausea and migraines. No one told me that there was a possibility I would never actually throw up, I just would feel like I was on the verge of throwing up 24/7. Which I’m not sure what is worse. Those symptoms lasted a good 16-18 weeks for me. I also pretty much couldn’t stomach eating anything that wasn’t bread. So as a result I feel like I’ve put on too much weight, which I am REALLY struggling with. I’ve tried being more active and careful about food in the second trimester but if I get in 3 work outs a week, it’s a good week. Now I barely sleep because I constantly wake up due to the incessant nagging that I have to pee even after I JUST went. Ok, I am done venting now. I am just here to say that I am with you. No shame in hating being pregnant!!

    1. I am SO sorry that you have felt the same way!!! I hope that you have gotten some relief and are starting to feel better! I have just been able to start working out again which makes me happy. Always here for you to vent. Thank you for following my journey! xo

  3. Oh, sweet Whitney! I too had a really rough pregnancy and it was hard to talk to people about it. They often would make me feel bad because I didn’t want to run through a dewy meadow everyday. Instead, I was crying and panicky. Throwing up, bloody noses, peeing myself and migraines. I promise it is all worth it…I know you are smart so you know that. Just know you aren’t alone and I think a lot more women feel the way we do/did. You speaking out is great for other mommies. For me, Leah Remini’s interview on Ellen while she was preggo helped me. She had a rough one too and she was the only famous person I have ever heard talk about it that way. So way to go! You will get through. I promise the feeling of holding them and finally seeing them is so amazing I can’t even explain it. The good news is, time moves forward whether we want it or not so you and baby are always moving toward the beautiful finish line. Love and Peace, Kristyn PS Earth Mama “Happy Mama” spray helped me. I sprayed it on my pillow at night or on my shirt to feel relaxed and less woozy

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Not only for taking the time to follow along but for the amazing tips! Looking into all of this. XO

  4. Love your blog, so helpful,! I’m in my second trimester and have been have facial acne around chin area, which has been making me feel really down! Also have a terrible cold, which I cannot take anything for 🙁

  5. I just want to say THANK YOU for writing this blog; what a wonderful discovery. I also am grateful for my little but I HATE being pregnant (like, a lot), which most women I know just don’t seem to understand! Your blog is s breath of fresh air!!!

  6. I have the same feelings and I am only 5 weeks in. Our pregnancy wasn’t instant so I am completely grateful to be pregnant and know that it is a blessing but I have been sick since day 1. Plus completely over emotional. There are so many women who seem so happy and excited and me, I’m kind of feeling depressed. I think it’s also because it is so early it doesn’t feel real yet, I just feel really sick all the time. Thank you for writing about these feelings it makes me feel a little more normal.

  7. Accurate! I’m glad to keep the news to my husband and I solely for now because I’ve felt so crappy it’s hard to fake my way through “woohoo!” To help manage everyone else’s response to the news. Woof!

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