CHAPTER 30: Breastfeeding, Update 3

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Check out our Live streaming updates of Sleep Training! He killed it last night! This week’s video is an update on my breastfeeding situation. Attempting to think about giving him formula but really struggling with it! Let me know how you all have transitioned into formula and solids without feeling some guilt! For those of you who couldn’t breastfeed, I’m fully aware I was lucky enough that some of you didn’t have the option and I feel bad to complain, but this is where I’m at and looking for some guidance! Love you all and so thankful for you!

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  1. Hi Whitney!
    I just watched your Chapter 30 update on breastfeeding. I just wanted to leave a note that hopefully will encourage you! First off – you are a rockstar for not giving up on breastfeeding when the latch didn’t feel right. My daughter just turned a year old on Nov 20th and I exclusively pumped for her after we were unable to get her to latch correctly/weight gain issues for her. I have a wonderfully supportive husband and without him our breastfeeding journey wouldn’t have made it to her still being given breastmilk!

    A couple things that I learned when pumping and bottle feeding breastmilk was to pump until empty and not just for a set amount of time. I found this out when my daughter was about 4/5 months old and this changed everything for us! It did mean that instead of pumping for 20 minutes I sometimes would pump for 45 minutes but it provided my daughter with the amount of breastmilk she needed plus the ability to build a freezer stash. I noticed when I would pump for longer amounts of time that I would get multiple letdowns instead of just one letdown which increased the number of ounces I produced. Another thing I learned was about bottle feeding. I am not sure if you have heard of “paced bottle feeding” but it was so helpful for us. Our daughter would have eaten 12 oz of breastmilk in one bottle if you’d let her – and then she would have been miserable. The paced bottle feeding method slowed her down some so she was actually full by the time she was finished eating. I also had her on the slowest flow nipple as possible. We did the paced bottle feeding to help with the gassy issues she had as well! I hope these are helpful tips/tricks from one exclusively pumping mom to another!

    With all of that being said A fed baby is BEST! Formula is by no means a bad thing! You have to do what is best for your family and your baby!!

    You are doing a great job for your little man and you should be very proud of yourself! Thank you for being so honest in your videos and know you aren’t the only person going thru some of the feelings/emotions!

  2. Hey Whitney,

    I am also a first time mom to a beautiful 5 week old boy. I have enjoyed every bit of being a mom, everything except for breast feeding…. And like you, I feel the guilt that is put on us for considering formula. My baby was not getting full off of my breast milk and was losing a lot of weight in the first week so my pediatrician suggested I give him formula. As a mom I felt like I had already failed because I couldn’t provide properly or my baby. There was also guilt because I did not feel the bond that was supposed to come with breast feeding. I honestly feel nauseous every time he latches or every time I pump. For me it just does not feel normal. I had to give my baby formula because bottom line- my baby was hungry and needed to be fed. He got his first bottle of formula at two weeks old and it was just amazing. He finished all 2oz and after I burped him he slept for five hours straight (I had to wake him because I thought he was sleeping way too long and needed to be fed again). He just seemed so at ease and full and happy. This made me feel so much better. I do breast feed while the bottle is warming up or at his 6am feedings when I am too tired to get out of bed (he only gets 2oz at that time anyways instead of the 4oz when he’s more alert). He still gets breast milk from me pumping and I mix it in with his formula bottles. I do have a little guilt because I am not exclusively breast feeding but at the end of the day by baby is fed and full and healthy and that is all that matters!

    At the end of the day everyone will have an opinion and tell you what you should do for your baby, but you should do what is best for you and your baby!

    Candice Martinez

  3. My baby girl is 7 months old and I’ve been exclusively breast pumping. I’ve never made a lot of breast milk from the beginning. I would pump and had enough for the next feeding. It’s been like this since the beginning. It’s felt so exhausting to pump every 2 hours but I did it and have been for the last 7 months. My supply is suddenly less so now I have her on formula every other day. Like you, I had read about the “bad” reasons not to give formula but at this point, fed is best. I let go of the expectation. I don’t feel guilty at all for giving her formula. I’m grateful that I have access to formula for my baby because she needs to eat. There are many healthy babies that are on formula. Fed is best!

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