Chapter 33: 2018 Is Weird

Morning guys – Last week we chatted a little bit about our lack of motivation and pressure to be “on” as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Years. On the day I posted that quote, Timmy decided to film me for our first I Love My Baby, But video of 2018 and chat about how I was doing and why I was feeling so down.

It ended up being pretty cathartic and I felt a lot better after simply expressing how I was feeling. I have to admit, I still stayed in bed for a while, ordered CPK, ate it in bed on Timmy’s side and watched Real Housewives for a WHILE, but eventually got my act together. Just proof that the best medicine is just talking it out, not being hard on yourself for feeling a certain way, and simply letting things be because time heals and everything passes. Watch the video above and let me know in a comment below how your 2018 is going! Don’t worry, bad or good, no judgement here!

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  1. It sounds like you are struggling with post partum. Your stregth to share is admirable. I wish I had a voice like yours to help me get out of my funk when I struggled with PPD with my first born. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Would love to recommend the book 12 Hours Sleep in 12 weeks! It helps tremendously in helping your baby get on a sleep schedule easily and successfully so that they are sleeping through the night and napping regularly. Life changing!

  3. I’ve followed along a bit on your journey and it seems we’ve had very similar experiences (my son is now 8 months old).

    After I came to terms with breastfeeding/pumping not working for us, I felt a weight was lifted, but I still didn’t feel like myself. After trying everything I could think of (therapist, working out every day, yoga/meditation), I realized I needed more help.

    My anxiety/PPD was never really about my son (sorta like you mentioned in this video), it was about my life. Small stresses at work, felt like a big deal. My brain would be in overdrive about all the things I needed to do, all the projects around the house untouched, etc…I was paralyzed by it.

    Life felt difficult and I was always waiting for a break. But I realized that what felt like a lot of work, was just life…and I didn’t need to feel this way. Long story short, after five months post-partum, I started taking a low dose of an anti-depressant (zoloft) to help with anxiety. It’s made a substantial difference and while my anxiety wasn’t about my son, I quickly realized how it impacted my relationship with him. I am now enjoying him and all the small little moments so much more.

    It’s amazing how you are sharing the realities of motherhood and normalizing the parts that people don’t often share. You give so much of yourself to all those following along…if you ever feel like you need support, I would be happy to chat!

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