Chapter 35: I Love My Baby, But… Starting Solids

So I know what you all may be thinking, ” geez, they waited a LONG time to feed this baby real food!”.​ Well, you aren’t wrong ;). In this weeks Chapter of I Love My Baby, But… we discuss the daunting task of SONNY STARTING SOLIDS.Our doctor said we could start giving Sonny solids at 4 months but we waited all the way until 6.5 months. This was just one of those things I took my time digging into and now we are on a roll, largely in part to @yumi– a baby food company delivering the freshest, most delicious food right to your doorstep. The thought of having to spend the time shopping, chopping, cooking, pureeing and cleaning up was way too overwhelming for me. I don’t even do that for Timmy and I.  I’m a working mom so I am constantly looking for ways to save time. Yumi has done all the research to give me peace of mind so I never have to worry – is he getting enough.

All of Yumi’s food is nutritionally balanced, and most importantly low in sugar.  It’s so overwhelming to see all of the baby food brands at the store these days that claim they are a fresh and healthy option – but you would be SHOCKED to find how much sugar is hidden inside.  Yumi is the first product I have found that makes meal time an easy, worry-free experience.  They have over 50 flavors so your baby gets a wide variety of new and interesting foods (*show jars), and it feels so good watching Sonny gobble up this fresh food that is shaping his palate and nourishing his little mind and body.

What I love the most is that this brand is thoughtful – you can tell that they really make it a priority to think about your experience with their product from start to finish.  The jars are delivered in these cute color-coded trays which make it easy to keep track of in the fridge.  Being a parent is stressful enough, and Yumireally checks off all the boxes for me. It’s super fresh, it’s nutritious, it’s low in sugar and convenient.

All you new moms don’t need to stress about what you are going to put into your baby’s body. Head to to learn more and order!

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