Sonny Rosenman in Jenni Kayne baby

Chapter 39: I Love My Baby, But…Sleep!

Sonny Rosenman in Jenni Kayne baby

This episode is all about SLEEP! In this Chapter of I Love My Baby, But…, we discuss the importance of sleep for the entire family and how we got Sonny to sleep 12 hours a night! I need to put the disclaimer in that every baby is obviously different and will react to methods differently. However, we lay out the plan that Alanna McGinn with @GNSLEEPSITE helped us craft to make sleep successful for Sonny, so there’s no harm in trying some of the things we tried!! There are so many different opinions about when to sleep train, how to sleep train or if sleep training is even the right route for them so I am curious to know how you have approached it- both what worked or didn’t work so we can help all these sleepless mamas and papas out!

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  • Sleep is so important! All the parents know that 🙂 Sleep training is the best thing that parents can do for a baby and themselves! I used Susan Urban’s guide ‘how to teach a baby to fall asleep alone’ ( I’ve found it here ) and in 3 days my son started to sleep in a crib after 11 months of co-sleeping. We also night feedings. Can recommend the guide.

    • I love my baby, byt…sleep! Good one 🙂
      All the guides and books for parents should look like S. Urban’s guide – short, with clear instructions on what to do without unnecessary words. Who can read 200 pages when sleep deprived? For me this guide is fantastic, it worked so well for my son. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing the link. I purchased the guide and after only a few days it helped me and my son to deal with sleep training! I love that this guide is short and sweet so I could read it in no time at all and get started! Lovely 🙂

    • That’s so cool to know it works with feedings. I am just about to start using this HWL method, cause it sound great but was not sure how about feeding…

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