Whitney Port attends Birthing Class during first pregnancy
About two months ago, Timmy & I attended Erica Chidi Cohen’s Prepped Class-. It’s a class created for LOOM, a pregnancy and parenting hub she will be opening this summer in Mid-City. Erica is a birth + postpartum doula + lactation counselor and over the years she has supported hundreds of families transition from pregnancy to parenting with confidence. Beyond that, her first book Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood will be released with Chronicle Books this fall. 
Chapter 8 of I Love My Baby, But I Hate My Pregnancy highlights not only what I learned from this class but how empowered I felt in knowing that the best birth plan for me is to have no set plan at all. There are so many outliers, so many different things or symptoms that can arise when giving birth, so why be so hard on ourselves and set standards for such a natural process?
Here is a little layout of what went down over the two days:

Day One

Wherever you are choosing to birth (hospital, home, or birth center) and however you are thinking about birthing (unmedicated, medicated, or cesarean), I’ll encourage and explore all individual preferences and make room for everyone’s process. You’ll leave feeling more confident about what to expect. 

We’ll Cover:

Labor Basics

stages of labor 

curating your birth preferences: development for hospital, home birth, or birthing center

medicated and unmedicated labor comfort 

medical interventions

cesarean birth and vbac ( vaginal birth after cesarean) 

The First 48 Hours After Delivery 

normal newborn happenings 

self-care for new mothers and partners

Day Two

We’ll switch gears and explore comfort measures for labor, such as movement and massage. We’ll blend the basics of self-hypnosis and breathwork, and you’ll learn simple tools to help promote relaxation and pain relief during labor. You’ll learn how to quiet your mind, lengthen your breath and cultivate a deeper awareness of your bodily sensations, whether you’re planning an unmedicated, medicated or a cesarean birth. 

We’ll Cover: 

Labor Comfort Measures 

movement, massage, and aromatherapy 

simple self-hypnosis techniques 

effective visualizations  

three part breathing

how to practice techniques with your partner/labor support 

If you are in the Los Angeles Area, I highly recommend taking this class and if not, at least reading her book! Beyond having a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of all things pregnancy, birth and baby, Erica Chidi Cohen truly cares about the well being of all mothers, babies and partners. This class is for everyone regardless of their birth plan, background or beliefs. Just speaking personally, the knowledge my husband and I got from this book allowed us to feel prepared and moreover, empowered and ready for whatever lies ahead of us.

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