Collector’s Corner: Unique Bottles

I’ve become a somewhat of a collector over the past year or so. I love going on little treasure hunts at flea markets and vintage stores. There’s nothing like going on a quest to expand each collection with unique treasures that no one else will have!

Collecting home decor items is a great way to add unique and diverse elements to your space. Whether it’s random pieces of art for a wall cluster or whiskey decanters (I collect both of those BTW), building a collection of beautiful items to display will infuse personality into your home and help to set the tone for your space.

The first collection of mine that I would like to feature is my bottle/vase collection. They look stylish even when they are empty on my windowsill and for occasions that call for a pop of color, when holding fresh flowers on my dining room table. This collection just adds a little something extra to my home.

So if you’re looking for ways to spice up the interior of your home, head to the flea market, HomeGoods, or a vintage store, find an accessory you like and just build it out from there. And while your collection won’t grow overnight, each piece will continue to add to it over time and come together to bring something special and meaningful to your space.

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