Collector’s Corner: Whiskey Decanters

I’m a sucker for a beautiful bar cart. There’s just something very glamorous and Mad Men-esque about them. So when I moved into my home and began decorating my bar area, I added my own unique spin. Instead of just opting for your standard single decanter, I took it a step further and decided to add two or three. Needless to say I didn’t stop there and I soon was able to add whiskey decanters to my list of home décor collections. I now have six, and each heightens the aesthetic appeal of the display in its own unique way.

As is this case with most of my favorite decorative pieces, this collection is made up of treasures found perusing antique stores and flea markets.

So next time you have a free Saturday or Sunday afternoon, hit your local flea market and look for these hidden gems. If something catches your eye, go with your gut and buy it! You never know how one single item can inspire you to get creative with the rest of your space!

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