Did You Forget Mother’s Day Is On Sunday?

Hi guys!!

(Sonny has a message for you – see below!!)

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Translation: Here are some super last minute gift ideas my mommy thought of for you to give your moms for Mother’s Day! They include things like digital gift cards, DIY ideas and recipe ideas in case you’re an idiot and really only have the option of cooking for her. I haven’t thought of anything yet because I am not even 2 and can’t do much…I hope Daddy has figured something out for her!

Last Minute Gift Ideas
  • Order a gift card from SOOTHE online
    • www.
  • Gift card to her favorite restaurant
  • Treat her to a mani/pedi with you
  • Pack a picnic (don’t forget champagne for mimosas ) and take her to the park. My mommy loves blood orange juice.
  • Make your own bouquet at a grocery store. Whole Foods usually helps you do this! s
  • Head to Color Me Mine or a local pottery place and paint her something!
  • Cook her a meal! Here are some great meal ideas:
  • If you’re good at this, buy her your favorite makeup products and show her how to use them and give her a makeup tutorial!


Sonny Chickens

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