Drink your Way to Clear Skin

Hydration is key to maintain your health, and while water and even lemon water can do wonders when you ensure you get your 64-or-more ounces per day, but ask anyone who’s had a bad bout of acne, and they’ll confirm: water everyday will not keep the acne at bay completely.

Luckily there are some easy to make juices that each contain only three ingredients proven to calm your skin, and let you get your glow on! (Plus one bonus 8-ingredient recipe) We got the scoop from celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas who swears by these concoctions to keep the likes of Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams pimple free.

What you’ll need: a juicer, but a blender will do for a more dense, fiberfull version of these juice recipes, just puree to the max!

1. Settle Your Stomach

4 Carrots

1/2 an Apple

Ginger to taste

Carrots are better for your skin than you likely knew- the vitamin-A rich veggie has anti-aging and skin soothing benefits, and paired with ginger, stimulates new cell growth in skin, aiding in your acne purging itself from your beautiful face.

2. Get Your Greens

4 Carrots

1/2 an Apple

Handful of Parsley

Handful of Spinach

If you’re not one to enjoy a big, overflowing bowl of foliage, this one’s for you to get down, quick and easy. Spinach will help lend your skin a luminous glow while parsley will eliminate superfluous water retention. Apples will brighten and tone your skin, and carrots, the star ingredient, will be the one to take care of your acne. Some acne medications even use carrot pulp to diminish acne scarring, it’s true!

3. A Little Bit o’ Sweetness

1/2 an Apple

1/2 a Cucumber

Handful of Pineapple

Apple and cucumber boost hydration and alkalinity while pineapple will help settle your skin’s inflammation. A winning combination that will be the sweetest of the recipes listed here.

4. Magic-8

1 Carrot

1 Piece of Broccoli

1 kale leaf

1 collard leaf

Handful of parsley

1 Celery Stalk

1 Tomato

1/2 a Red Pepper

Instead of a can of V-8 juice, which is usually absurdly high in sodium, contributing to such things as bloat, puffiness, and of course, acne, try this ultra-fresh version.

This post was originally published on ASTRAL & OPAL and has been edited for Whitney Port.

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