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This post is part of our baby essentials series by Monica Banks, founder of Gugu Guru – the ultimate baby registry discovery site for style-savvy moms.

Here is the deal: when it comes to your baby registry – your best friend, your sister, those “Verified Purchase” 5 star reviews on Amazon – all of those people might know the products that worked for them and their babies but that doesn’t mean that those products are right for YOU. One of the most challenging things about my job is helping first time parents understand that in order to nail the right products the first time around – saving time, headaches and money – you really need an expert. That is why we launched Gugu Concierge.

Why do you need a baby registry expert? We hear all the time about “breakdowns” at the baby store and it’s no wonder! The average large baby retailer carries over 20,000 products. You can certainly try to weed through them all and take on building a baby registry yourself but be prepared for lots and lots of research if you’re going to do it right. Some parents have told us that they spent 40+ hours building their registries before they were even semi-confident they made the right choices! Who has time for that?  Alternatively, if you don’t do your research, there’s a high likelihood that when baby comes you’ll either find yourself stuck with a bunch of products you don’t need or waiting in the customer service line at the baby store (possibly with a crying newborn in tow) to return loads of stuff.

Gugu Concierge takes all of that stress of your plate and turns a typically overwhelming experience into a fun one. Our nationwide expert maternity consultants do the work for expectant and new parents by defining specific needs and building a highly personalized registry of only the very best products tailored to each family’s unique individual lifestyle, style and budget.  Consults can be done virtually from the comfort of your own home or if you want to touch and feel the items, you can do so at your local buybuy BABY store.  Plus you’ll enjoy lots of awesome exclusive perks like a $100 coupon to use for your registry at buybuy BABY, swag bags and more.

We asked Whitney about her experience with Gugu Concierge and here is what she said:

“My Gugu Concierge baby planner, Julie, was amazing! There is SO much out there and it is hard to know the pros and cons to each item. Gugu Concierge helped me so much. For instance, Julie told me the monitor I was considering registering for wouldn’t work if the wireless went out or I wasn’t in a place that had wireless… How would I know that? It would take me so much time to comb through in order to compare and contrast each item and get those details. I felt so much more secure knowing Gugu Concierge is taking care of this for me! ”

Want to see what we picked for Whit? Check out Whitney’s baby registry items here.

There are three affordable Gugu Concierge packages available: Classic ($200), Premium ($300) or Premium Plus ($450)  Which one is right for you depends on how much help you think you’ll need and whether or not you need nursery design services (Premium Plus). Need help figuring out what package is best for you or have any questions? Email us at and we will help.

Gugu Concierge also makes an amazing gift for expectant parents who want to be confident they are getting the right products for their baby, without all the stress and research.

Visit Gugu Concierge to learn more and get started!

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  1. Hi! I am starting to put together my own baby registry but the process is overwhelming and I was interested in checking out the items that Whitney picked for her registry. However, the link to Whitney’s registry items just brings me to the general Guguguru explore page. Could you provide a different link? Thanks!

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