Whitney Port Makeup by Katie Jane Hughes using Glossier, Dior, MAC and BareMinerals

Last week I flew to NYC for an appearance on Good Morning America. I called upon one of my all time favorite makeup artists on the east coast, Katie Jane Hughes. This was the first time I have done any sort of appearance since Sonny was born! It was fun to get all dolled up again and Katie really made me feel my best! Here’s a breakdown of all of Katie’s products and techniques to recreate this look. 

Whitney Port with makeup by Katie Jane Hughes for appearance on Good Morning America

Whit has the most incredible skin so she needs very little prep… all I do is sweep Bioderma over the skin to remove any oils so we can start fresh with lotion. 

I spend a couple minutes doing a bit of a facial massage to get blood flowing in the face, this creates more of a radiant look throughout the ware of the make up. 

Start with some Skin Tint by Glossier to event out the skin tone a little and then I use the Stretch Concealer also Glossier in medium just around the nose and mouth for a barely there but perfected coverage. 

Using an orange creamy shadow over the lid for a kind of lived in look, it’s a MAC shadow that’s been discontinued. 

With a small blending brush I take a copper shadow from Dior Hypnotize Palette under the Lower Lash line to create a smokey contrast, finishing with lots of mascara Upward Lash by MAC and some individuals for a wide eye look. 

For lips I used the most comfy Matte it’s by Bare Minerals called Slay and on cheeks I used Cloud Paint in dusk and puff by Glossier. 

Katie Jane Hughes uses BareMinerals lip color on Whitney PortWhitney Port Makeup by Katie Jane Hughes

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  1. Hello! Where can I find a tutorial on products you use/used while pregnant for skin care – morning and night time. Moisturizers/creams you use before putting on your makeup?

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