Hair How-To: Updated French Twist

The Holidays are a great time to experiment with really fun and different hairstyles for various parties and family gatherings. If your look is going to be a little more formal or dressy (think the perfect dress on New Year’s Eve) try something different and put your hair up!

Putting your own hair up can be a little intimidating to some. But in keeping hairstyles modern, hair should look a little undone and soft, so let the pieces fall where they may! It will keep your hair from looking too stuffy.

To get a perfectly undone twisted look like Whitney’s, start with hair being unwashed for a day or two and then follow the below steps.

  • Mist dry hair with Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort Spray for texture and control and rough dry with a blow dryer, using only your hands.
  • Spray dry hair with Serge Normant’s Meta Revive Dry Shampoo for added texture, separation and movement.
  • You’ll need to have a couple of small elastic rubber bands for shorter hair and thicker ones for longer hair, and bobby pins in your hair color handy for these next steps.

For my long hair girls:

  • Tease hair at the mohawk section and tie that section into a ponytail.
  • Secure the rest of the hair into a separate ponytail.
  • Give both ponytails a little tease with a comb and gather together, and begin twisting and tucking them together, pinning and securing along the way.

For my short hair girls:

  • Tease hair at the mohawk section and secure into a ponytail.
  • Because your hair might be shorter, you’ll have to secure the rest of the hair left out into a couple different ponytails, perhaps two or three, using the small elastics.
  • And just like girls with longer hair, you will twist the pieces together to form this modern take on a French twist.

My biggest advice is to not over-think it! Just have fun with it. Hair looks gorgeous and beautiful when it is not too contrived, so like I said before, let it be messy and undone.

Finish the look with a light veil of Serge Normant’s Meta Luxe Hair Spray. You can always add a hair accessory if your look calls for it. Whitney and I love the hair accessories from Dannijo and JenniferBehr. Both lines have great pieces to choose from that can go with so many different looks. Have fun with this look!


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  1. Hey Whitney, love this look. Its a little difficult to recreate without a video. Same thing with our makeup looks! – please post videos, I am sure you will get more followers that way too.

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