How I Picked the Perfect Shades for my New Home

As some of you probably know by now, Timmy and I bought a new house almost a year ago and are finally in the finishing steps of making it really feel like home! I’ve had so much fun fixing up some rooms with Marie Flanigan Interiors (kitchen remodel details coming in the near future) and can’t wait to show you all how everything turned out soon. Before we get to that though, I thought I’d shine some attention on an important element of your home that typically goes overlooked: window treatments.

Just like choosing the perfect rug or couch are key parts of the decorating process, window treatments are seriously essential for framing a home. Our home to-do list was a little overwhelming, so we chose to go to the experts and partner with The Shade Store. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a premium custom window treatment company that assists with literally every aspect of the design process. Their showrooms are in most major cities across the U.S., and I was able to easily find one in LA. Plus, they have amazing design assistants with great taste that can help with any suggestions you may need (shout out to Jennifer!)

When planning things out, I decided to focus on finding the right shades for our dining room and living room/breakfast nook. Both are on the side of our house filled with floor-to-ceiling windows and even though I love natural lighting, I felt like they needed to be framed somehow. The sun shines pretty strong on most days and could wear out the furniture, so shades are great as both pretty and functional add-ons.

For the living room/breakfast nook, I decided to go with the Waterfall Woven Wood Shades made with Grassweave material in Toast. Our house has light hardwood floors and white walls, so I wanted to choose something that had a nice grain texture and minimal contrast to it without being too matchy-matchy. I picked this style out since it was sheer enough to let in some light, but could still block the sun out and create some privacy. I also decided to go with these because they’re roller shades and with Sonny starting to crawl, I didn’t think having floor-to-ceiling shades would be very practical.

Moving onto the dining room, I wanted to create a more formal and elegant feel. After looking at all of their options, I decided to go with some draperies to switch things up. Sonny isn’t really in there much, allowing me pick a style that would add some fun dimension to the house. When choosing the design, I went with the Ripple Fold Draperies made with Lux Sheer Linen material in Toffee. We have a dark wood table in this room and this color was the perfect way to add nature element to everything while also freshening things up a bit.

Overall, the process was super quick and easy. After choosing designs and having an installer come to take measurements of our home, everything was ready and set up in just a few weeks. Whether you’re getting a new home ready or looking to makeover your existing set up, I definitely suggest checking out The Shade Store to fulfill all your window treatment needs!

Who knew picking out shades could be so fun?!

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