How Seeing the World Changes How You See Yourself

When’s the last time you went somewhere? Really went somewhere. Not the market or a bank, but somewhere new. When’s the last time you took an adventure? Traveling, in your own country or abroad, offers its travelers so much more than just landmarks. When you travel you will learn more about the world, others, and yourself. Taking a journey can stretch your limits and show you things you never knew about yourself. Take a look at this list of 6 ways that travel can benefit you.

Be Inspired to Find New Purpose


It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of money-in, money-out, work, work, work. We lose track of the world around us. As you travel, you may get the chance to meet people with other goals or lifestyles, you may see new things, and you may eat new foods. All these new experiences will help open you up to other new experiences and directions.

Disconnect from Your Day-to-Day


Travel forces you to give in to the moment and enjoy (or deal with) whatever is happening. You may not have your precious laptop with you, or you may not be able to get your Instagram updated, but you know what? You’ll survive. And when you come back to those things, you’ll see that whatever you missed is still there and you’ll have a fresh perspective on it.

Discover How Much You Know


Traveling breeds confidence; it’s inherent. Finding your way around a new city, asking strangers for help in another language, or fumbling your way through a transit system—tackling these tough tasks will help you prove to yourself that the world isn’t that scary, and that you can handle it!

Be Humbled by How Much You Don’t Know


There’s a big world out there, and the majority of us don’t know squat about it. No two countries or cities operate in the same way, and the people you’ll meet may be completely different from you. When you’re a guest in another place, you have the opportunity to observe (and even participate) in another culture and way of doing things.

Feel Connected to the World Around You


While cultures and languages may be different from what you know, at our core, we are all the same. Your growing cultural sensitivity will help you see that humans have the same basic needs and wants, and that we all affect one another.

Create a New Appreciation of Where You’re From


Because there is no place like home. Love it or hate it, when you return from your travels you’ll have a new appreciation for the world around you and the people in your life. It’s what helped shape you.

This post was originally published on Unified Soul Theory and has been edited for Whitney Port.


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