How to Organize Your Bathroom

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is arguably the one most susceptible to clutter. Bathrooms can be overloaded with products, something I’m definitely guilty of doing to my own!

That’s why I wanted to find cute, decorative ways to organize and make use of all the space in a room that never seems to have enough.

1. Install Towel Hooks: These are a must. You can use them to simply hang towels or you can hook on some caddies or baskets for extra pockets of space. A great place to put them is behind the door. You can also install towel racks if you like that look instead.

2. Get Drawer Dividers: Drawers can become one of those places you throw everything into, leaving you scrambling through them when you need that particular something. Getting drawer dividers can help you organize and stay that way.

3. Use a Tiered Tray: When you run out of horizontal counter space, go vertical. There are many elegant multiple-tiered trays or racks that can keep all your most-used items accessible on the counter without clutter. A DIY option is simply gluing glass candlesticks to the center of basic metal trays that you can paint to coordinate with your bathroom. Even better, get a two-tiered cosmetics carousel.

4. Install a Lazy Susan For the Under-The-Sink Cupboard: If you’re someone who stores a lot under the sink, a lazy susan might be a necessity. Having one would mean not having to knock over items to reach those in the back. I’d suggest finding a two-tiered one in order to make the most of your space and give you more organizational options. Another option for the under-the-sink cupboard is repurposing a shoe caddy and putting it over the door.

5. Mount Baskets or Shelves on The Wall: There’s almost always wall space, above the toilet for instance, that can be utilized. You can install bookshelves, wall cabinets, spice racks, whatever would work best based on your design preferences and your storage needs. It’s a great way to divide things if you’re sharing a bathroom.

Below are some organization tools for the bathroom that I thought could be useful for your next bathroom makeover!

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