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Whitney Port and son Sonny enjoy bath time at home using Johnsons baby products

I feel like the question I get asked most is how I balance between motherhood and work. Honestly, it is a challenge. First of all, I think the word “balance” can be a dirty word for a mom. Sometimes it feels so unattainable that I stop even trying to find it. It’s just a word. I think the healthier mindset is one of finding peace in the imbalance.

One of the ways I am able to remain calm and collected is to keep a daily routine. After a long day of trying to make dreams come true for myself and my family, I love to come home and unwind with my little guy. At around 6pm, after he has had his dinner and sufficiently played with his food, we start bath time. He didn’t always love bath time which was hard because I wanted it to be a calm, peaceful time where he could unwind and feel settled getting into bed. As he’s gotten a little older and we have made it a part of our daily ritual, he now loves it!

Whitney Port and sonny at bath time with Johnsons

A key ingredient in his bath time is Johnson’s new CottonTouch™ Newborn Wash and Lotion!! I have partnered with @JohnsonsBaby, and I am so thankful for their products! The gentleness of the CottonTouch™ Wash is perfect on Sonny’s fine, curly hair! I mean, you have all seen it! It’s crazy!  The light formula also has a super velvety lather that I love to feel on my hands just as much as Sonny loves it on his skin and hair! There is no unwanted residue after I rinse it off, and his skin is always clean and hydrated.

Sonny in a robe at bath time with Johnsons

After I dry Sonny off, I take him to his room and grab the CottonTouch™ Lotion. The formula in the new CottonTouch™ Lotion is breathable and made with hydrating water and REAL cotton!! What I love is that it absorbs rapidly and doesn’t leave any residue on Sonny’s skin. It also smells SO GOOD and lasts throughout the whole next day!

Johnsons baby products

Whitney Port and son Sonny enjoy bath time at home with Johsnons

Bath Time Tips:

  • Choose a time during the evening that can be easily repeated in the future.
  • Sing baby’s favorite songs to him while lathering with Johnson’s CottonTouch™ Wash – Sonny loves to hear “Meant To Be” by Bebe Rexha featuring Florida Georgia Line
  • Use fun toys in the bath
  • After drying off from bath, massage CottonTouch™ Lotion on baby’s skin
  • Begin getting ready for bed!!

Whitney Port uses Johnsons baby products at bath time

Bath time is something I look forward to all day. He splashes, he laughs, he sings. It’s his time to shine! This routine is also very important for Sonny’s development because it has taught him about consistency and that he can rely on things at certain times. It has been instrumental in helping Sonny get to a deep, long sleep every night.

Johnsons baby products by the bath

To buy CottonTouch™ Wash Click Here!

To buy CottonTouch™ Lotion Click Here!

I highly recommend this product to you guys!! Sonny loves it and I know your kids will too. I cannot wait to hear what you think!! #ChooseGentle

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