It’s Time to Listen: A List of #BLACKLIVESMATTER Podcasts


We have to do the work. There is no excuse. It’s not enough to just speak it, we have to listen and become better versions of ourselves. This should be a daily practice. Lately, my mind has been flowing like rushing water and the only way to calm myself down is to meditate on my thoughts, decipher what’s real from what’s not and move forward only acting on what is true. Not acting on the insecurities and fear that have no truth. Does that make sense? It’s then that we can really trust ourselves and listen. Listen to absorb, not just to say you listened. So, keep reading, listening, asking questions, and learning. 

Below is a list of podcasts (compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein in May 2020) that will truly inspire you to be a more mindful, educated and empathetic human being. 

For more educational info:

  • Check out TALKING ABOUT RACE WITH YOUR KIDS for resources to help you start discussing racism with your kids.
  • Search BLACK LIVES MATTER on my website to see all of my related posts you might have missed.
  • Visit my BLACK LIVES MATTER highlight on Instagram for updates on charities, conversations I am having and more ways to play your part.



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