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Whitney Port and son Sonny in their bathrobes in the bathroom using new Ivory products
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As a new mom who’s on the go nonstop, I’m constantly trying to balance my schedule and maintain a realistic routine for myself. It’s hard not to beat yourself up when you don’t stick to the plan. Realistically though, life isn’t perfect and keeping up with an agenda isn’t always possible. 

What I’ve realized over the past year is we shouldn’t constantly be striving to achieve unattainable standards and holding ourselves to a strict plan on the daily. We will literally drive ourselves crazy!  Instead, it’s important to focus on enjoying the little things and giving yourself some moments to relax and unwind. Whether it’s getting your nails done (my guilty pleasure 😉 ) or going to the gym, having “me time” is so important towards helping you become your best self. Personally, I’m a shower-enthusiast and find it’s the perfect way to help me unwind. Taking a long shower these days is a luxury! Considering I’ve been showering since I was a little girl, I’ve tried MANY different body washes and soaps but the brand that has stuck out the most is Ivory. It was my mom and dad’s favorite and a staple in their shower, so there’s an awesome sense of nostalgia when using it too.

Whitney Port in towel getting out of the shower using new Ivory products

Hand pumping lotion from new Ivory bottle

In case you haven’t heard of the brand, Ivory makes products with pure, simple ingredients you can trust. The soap is 99.44% pure and has been trusted for 138 years. This is especially important for me these days as a mom and a wife who wants to provide the very best and cleanest products possible in my home. As someone who’s not a big fan of strong scents and conscious about what they’re putting on their skin, I love how light and fresh the products smell and so does Timmy :). Plus, if you struggle with dry skin like me, they’re guaranteed to add the moisture you need. In fact, the Ivory Free & Gentle Body Wash with Pear & Sandalwood includes the #1 Dermatologist-Recommended moisturizing ingredient.

Sonny in a bathrobe with Ivory products on bathroom floorIvory products by the bath

The three products in my current rotation are the Ivory Original 3-bar, Ivory Original Body Wash, and the Ivory Free & Gentle Body Wash with Pear & Sandalwood. The new packaging is really beautiful and looks super pretty in my shower.  On top of that, they’re totally affordable (everything is under $10!) and the bottles are a good size to last for a while. The Ivory Original 3-bar and Ivory Original Body Wash are free of dyes and heavy perfumes while the Ivory Free & Gentle Body Wash with Pear & Sandalwood is free of dyes and parabens. 

product shot of Ivory bath products in Whitney Port's bathroom

All this talk of relaxing and unwinding is making me want to go take a bath! How do you like to de-stress?

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