LEK’s Realistic And Safe Guide To Getting Your “Pre-Pregnancy Body” Back

Lauren Kleban of Lekfit gives her tips to achieve that pre=pregnancy body
Fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Lauren Kleban is the creator of LEKfit, a dance-inspired fitness method designed to create long and lean muscles by using intervals of low impact, high intensity, fat burning cardio with muscle sculpting techniques created to strengthen and tone. Lauren began her career as a professional dancer and dance instructor leading her to take the natural step into the fitness world more than 15 years ago. 

She took a full dive into fitness after the birth of her first child when she opened her intimate garage studio in Hancock Park. She quickly obtained a cult following of devotees and has since made her workouts available to anyone and anywhere with the launch her streaming subscription service, LEKfit on demand. Lauren has been featured in Vogue, W, Hollywood Reporter, People and more, and most recently was recognized in Town + Country’s “Beauty Guru Power List”, featuring 40 of the most influential fitness and wellness pros to the stars.

Being a mother of two myself, I love to train new and expecting mommies! I’ve been really fortunate to have so many lovely ladies trust me with their bodies during and after pregnancy. 

Remaining fit during pregnancy and working on your ‘body after baby’ is super buzzy but shockingly not always talked about in a realistic and educated way. Doctors, for the most part, agree that staying physically fit during pregnancy is crucial to a healthy mommy and baby. Many OBGYN’s will tell you to stick with the workout you were doing prior to getting pregnant and adjust accordingly. I couldn’t agree more.

We currently have a lot of expecting mommies in the studio and I will tell you, not one of them has missed a beat! They are constantly telling us how great the feel and attribute it to staying fit. The key to getting back into shape post-baby is to stay in shape during pregnancy. We completely advocate for our expecting mommies to listen to their bodies, just as much as our non-pregnant clients, and we offer necessary modifications throughout.

What really blows my mind is the amount of women who have come to the studio, post birth, with no idea how to work out their healing postpartum body. I find it strange that a month before we give birth, we see our docs once a week, but after give birth we don’t see them again until our six week checkup and many women don’t obtain a clear understanding of how they should care for their body. 

Because of this, I’ve become a big advocate for embracing safe ways to get back in shape.

1. Be patient, kind and loving with your healing body.

You just delivered a human and that’s a BIG DEAL. Now is the time to take care of you so you can take care of your baby and that starts with getting rest and proper nutrition. This is not the time to set weight loss goals or restrict your diet. Your body and mind need rest and nourishment to properly heal and adjust to your life as a new mommy.

2. Take a walk. 

I joke with my clients that giving birth will be their toughest workout but it’s true and we must give ourselves a chance to recover. Your postpartum goal is to heal and moving your body can be especially helpful. Once you’ve been cleared by your doc or midwife, get up and take a slow, short walk. Getting some air and moving your body has amazing benefits for our minds and our bodies. 

 3. Drink water!

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, you still need H20 to keep your insides working and your outsides glowing. I love an ice-filled glass with lemon wedges. After my second child I was hooked on water with cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger.

4. Be mindful of your core but don’t stress over getting a flat tummy.

What too many mommies don’t know is that our abdominal wall meets in the middle almost like a corset that zips up the front of our bodies. When we are pregnant, the uterus puts pressure there and causes the wall to separate. For many of us, this goes back together almost completely. However, it is possible for the abdominal wall to remain separated which can cause more serious issues.  In order to help prevent this, we modify core work beginning in the second trimester and continue until 3 months postpartum, also know as the 4th trimester. Pre and postnatal women should avoid center planks, never do crunches and turn to their side when getting off the couch and out of bed. 

5. Engage your pelvic floor and be aware of prolapse. 

After countless stories, I feel strongly that postpartum women should be really careful when it comes to choosing what kind of workout to do post baby and who to do it with. As with many things, if you haven’t experienced childbirth, you just might not be completely aware of how to properly care for the post baby body. If you’ve had a vaginal birth, you need to take extra care of your pelvic floor and be sure to do exercises that strengthen and not exercises that force more pressure down.  

6. Stream home workouts.

Bring your workout to you and don’t stress about signing up for a class or renewing your gym membership. Try signing up for a streaming workout that fits your needs and set aside time to slowly get back into your workout. Check out LEKfit ON DEMAND and get sweaty while baby hangs with you at home. 

7. Make time for me time.  

Me-time is going to be crucial for your wellbeing—and your family’s—so make time for it! There are countless things you can do but make it a priority and don’t allow yourself to feel that awful feeling known as mom guilt. You need this time and so does your baby. 

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