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Whitney Port announces birth of first child
So, I have some news.  No big deal, but I created another human being and then delivered him into the world at 12:30am Thursday morning. Timmy and I named the little man Sonny and I’m in love. Over the next few blog posts I’ll tell you all about the entire day, the following days at the hospital and bringing him home, but for now I just want to talk about how I’m feeling.

Whitney Port shares first picture of first child, SonnyWe’ve all heard mothers give the same speech about how life changing the love for your baby is, and it’s not like I didn’t believe it or anything, but I guess I couldn’t actually connect to those exact feelings until the doctor placed Sonny onto my chest. I love him and feel protective over him, but more than anything, I’m just like obsessed. I can’t stop looking at him, or thinking about him when I am in another room. It’s a bit like getting a toy you really really wanted as a child.  There was all the anticipation and build up, and then you open it and you love it.  Unlike the toy, however, I am obviously never going to get sick of Sonny, and he poops.  All kidding aside, my heart just grew to accommodate all this extra love I now have to give. I don’t care if this is sappy or trite and I don’t want to say that I love him more than anything ever because I love Timmy and my family. It’s not about loving him more than something else I love.  It’s just awesome.  I can’t wait to watch him change and grow and take on my traits and Timmy’s.  I could go on forever, so I’ll stop now, but get ready for a lot more Sonny talk coming soon.

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  1. Congratulations Whitney!! I watched you on the Hills and you always seemed like you could do ooanything! I am so happy for you, your wedding was beautiful and your baby is absolutely adorable. Enjoy every moment they grow up so fast. Thank you for always sharing your life stories. We know we are strangers (fans) but watching you on show, it was always nice to hear about how you are doing. Wishing you love and happiness. Lisa

  2. I know the exact feeling. I just gave birth to our daughter on 7/25. Completely life-changing. My hormones and emotions are a mess, but I look at her and find a love I didn’t know I was capable of feeling. Congrats! All the best to you and your new little family. Keep the blog posts coming, because it’s a unique feeling and it’s nice to know someone out there is feeling something similar.

  3. Aww congratulations to you both, he is sooo cute and I love the name.

    Enjiy every precious moment with your Prince as they don’t stay little for long….

    I look forward to reading and see more updates xxx

  4. He’s just precious! I totally know that feeling, I was such an overwhelmed pregnant person, excited but overwhelmed with it all, but that all went away the moment my daughter was placed in my arms. When people say nothing else matters, it’s not that it doesn’t it’s just that nothing could compare to that feeling. Best of luck with mommyhood, it’s the greatest adventure.

  5. Congratulations, and thank you so much for sharing. I’m pregnant with my first, and so worried all of those feelings won’t come, so I love hearing things like this!

  6. So excited for you and Timmy! The photo of you holding your baby boy is beyond beautiful. I hope you have a healthy recovery and get to enjoy your moments with Sonny ????????

  7. Hi Whitney. I’m 75 years old and I can’t believe I am writing to you. But I’ve always been fascinated with babies since I was a young girl. You know how we all dream of someday being a Mommy. Well, eventually I became the proud and enamored mother of 3 children. As I looked at your pictures, I was amazed that those birthing moments and the incredible short time afterwards, came back to me emotionally and physically as if it were yesterday. We all make mistakes as parents, but, enjoy as many moments as you can. For it all goes too fast. My children are 51, 48 and 45. I am proud of each of them for their own attributes. They are all three very good people. Best of life to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your joy.

  8. he is DARLING!!! I can not wait to hear all about your labor (if you chose to share it) I live for your posts and your honesty and realness 🙂 Its so refreshing . congrats on the little bundle of blue love. you made one simply perfect little man!

  9. Congratulations Whitney!! I’ve loved you ever since The Hills. Blessings to you and your new addition. He is adorable!!

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