My Favorite Spots in Rome

Incase you guys missed it, Timmy and I recently went on vacation to Italy… and it was AMAZING! We had one of our best friends weddings in Prague, so we decided to make a little European trip out of it. It was my first time going, but Timmy studied abroad in Rome so he was excited to show me around!

First of all, Italy is seriously a must-visit country! If you’ve never been before, I seriously recommend it because the scenery, shopping and people are incredible. It was on my bucket list and I feel so grateful to be able to go. Though I don’t eat pasta ( yes, I know it’s insane ) the food lives up to the hype and is the absolute best! We went to a couple different cities throughout our time there and ate our hearts out in all of them (still recovering from all of the food comas). I really loved some spots in Rome so I wanted to share with you now that we’re back!

If you’re travelling there this summer or planning a trip for the future, keep scrolling for some of mine and Timmy’s favorite spots! Some are really obvious, but worth mentioning!

Al Moro

Al Moro is perfect for a traditional, upscale Italian dinner a little outside of the city. I just loved the decor of this restaurant and it didn’t feel touristy at all. Ask to try their parmesan, it’s amazing!

Drinks @ Hotel De Russie

Ugh, I loved this place! If we hadn’t stayed at an AirBnB, I would have stayed here. The floral arrangements are to die for, the patio is gorgeous, and the drinks are delicious! Stopping by a drink here is a must.

Piazza Navona

Tourist-y… but really cool!  Sit at one of the tourist trap places and have a drink.  The food isn’t the best honestly, but it’s a nice spot to sit and look at the fountain (also Bernini).

La Tavernaccia Roma

Another dinner spot to check out! If I’m being honest, the food here was delicious, but the restaurant had NO vibe and the lights were very bright. If you want a very authentic delicious meal and don’t care about the vibe, this is your spot. Not very romantic though.

Pizza at Bonci Pizzarium

If you’re looking for a good lunch/snack spot, go here! Their pizza was BOMB! They offer so many different kinds and it all looked delic. There’s nowhere to sit and a lot of people standing/waiting, but it’s totally worth it!


I was sick on this day so I didn’t get to check this place out personally, but Timmy and his friend Billy ate at the Deli and really liked it! They also walked into the restaurant, which they said looked amazing.

Anitca Pesa

We didn’t go here, but Timmy highly recommends it to anyone traveling to the area. It’s in his favorite neighborhood in Rome that we sadly didn’t get to spend too much time in.  If you make your way over here, go to the piazza with the fountain after dinner and walk around!

Galleria Borghese

If you’ve got some time during the daytime, this is a nice park to walk around! Get tickets and go see the Bernini’s statues, it’s a must!

Trevi Fountain

Alright, this list couldn’t be complete without the Trevi Fountain! It’s obviously super touristy, but a must see.  I loved it! Also, try and go at night cause it’s a little less crowded and still looks just as cool.

Sant’ Eustachio Il Caffè

For any espresso lovers, go to this place! I couldn’t get enough of it and they have a bunch of yummy pastries to go with it.


You guys… this place has the BEST gelato! It’s flavorful, creamy, and they have a ton of different options for you to choose from.

Nonna Betta

While we were in the Jewish Ghetto, we knew we had to try Nonna Betta! They’re known for their fried artichokes, which definitely didn’t disappoint.

More traveling tips to come! If you’re heading somewhere this summer or have any places you recommend that weren’t listed, share below!

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